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the Chutney was excellent with the tuna and rice. it had a flavor of rum for some reason that was very good. I used two tuna steaks fairly small so I cut the recipe down quite a bit I only used one banana and about one third of everything else and still had some left 6 bananas seems like a lot to me.

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John W Wenzelburger August 30, 2008

Very, very nice! The flavors were excellent and melded together so well and so quickly! Like the other reviewer, I reduced the amounts since it's only for my DH and I. I used two green bananas because I have a huge bunch hanging in the carport and one mango during the "cooking" portion, then added one very ripe banana and mango at the end. As for the ahi, what can I say... it's always heavenly! Oh, one more thing... I think the chutney would go great over homemade french vanilla ice cream. Yum! Thank you, Manami, for a wonderful recipe.

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Jostlori May 09, 2012
Cuban Ahi With Banana-Mango Chutney