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This was Awesome!!! I made a few mods. We are doing low carb so fat is not an issue. Added a healthy amount of bacon. Cooked the onion ( and about an equal amount of mushrooms ) in the bacon grease. Probably used 1.5 to 2 cups of swiss. Put the bacon in on top of the onions/mushrooms. Sliced the tomato pretty thick and 8 slices fits perfectly into the pie pan I used with one in the middle and the rest around it. As I used a bit more ingredient I used 4 eggs and used heavy whipping cream instead of skim milk ( Gotta love a diet that calls for bacon and heavy whipping cream ). This made a pretty think quiche so I cooked it as described but added an extra 5 minutes over the 20 minutes at 350. Came out fantastic.

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dnash December 10, 2010

Have to admit that I didn't do the low-fat version of this recipe: my (rural) supermarket doesn't carry low-fat Swiss cheese at all, plus they don't carry small quantities of non-fat milk, so I had to go with !-1/2%. However, did use our garden tomatoes and fresh basil! It took a little longer than 20 minutes for the top to brown up; however, it was quite tasty! Looking forward to left-overs as a side dish tomorrow.

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l'ecole September 09, 2011

Been making this a few times now, and have started adding other yummy things to the mix as well. Ham, sauteed bell peppers, sundried tomatoes instead of fresh... It's all so flexible. Great for any meal time. Thank you for such an easy recipe!

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LousyChef January 31, 2016

This was a wonderful meal. I cook for some very picky pallets and I do so gladly, this nice flavor, and I would guess most folks would give it five bright stars, and if you are or have a picky eater, give this a go, leave out what you must, add in what you like, you'll be sure to please. I plan on making this dish as per directions, soon, but, I was working on the fly and had hangry mouths. That's not a typo, one of them gets angry or at best cranky, when they get hungry so, I used all the things in the list, snipped off a large handful of basil from the garden and added 1/2 a red bell pepper, and 4 large mushroom and being in a rush, I started will the mushrooms, once browned I spread out the two tomatoes to the bottom of the pan and topped with minced basil. Medium for 3 mnts and all the rest of the ingredients went in the pan, it's summer in Missouri, so I skipped the oven, but 4 minutes later and I killed the heat, added a bit of fresh parmigiano and covered the dish while I baked my toast in the microwave. (See 'low carb hamburger bun' here) really yummy!

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Brian O. July 26, 2015

I added an extra egg and served it up on meatless Monday with a salad. It's a keeper for sure, thanks!

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Nicest of the damned May 09, 2012

A tasty quiche. I used more eggbeaters, soymilk for the regular milk, and cabot's 75% reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese for the swiss. It turned out well, even the next day, reheated. Thanks for posting. I would make this again.

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zaar junkie September 24, 2010

FABULOUS!!!! We only had a variety of cheeses on hand so we combined them to gather enough (cheddar, jack, mozzarella, and Parmesan). I also added bacon (yum!). We skipped the onion (food allergies) and didn't miss it a bit. I was completely bummed I didn't add the mushrooms I forgot about in the fridge! We made it for dinner and even my daughter that doesn't like tomatoes loved it!! I used fresh basil and it worked perfectly. This will definately become a regular in our house, especially in summer when the tomatoes, basil and eggs are all fresh from the yard!! (even the bacon is fresh from the farm in our house)

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Heatherincanyon September 02, 2010

This made for a simple breakfast-for-dinner for my daughter and I. I halved the recipe and omitted the cheese, but added some fresh spinach - deslish! I will definitely make this recipe again.

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CookingTimeForMe September 05, 2009

I used dried basil and 3 eggs. It was easy to do. And it has a really nice taste. Everyone loved it. Thanks Wi Cheesehead. Made for Potluck tag.

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Boomette January 14, 2009

Excellent! I needed more flour (and the fresh basil was too wet and stuck)...but otherwise we loved it! I think next time I'll add some fresh mushrooms. Thanks very much for sharing it.

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Yaffa November 01, 2008
Crustless Tomato and Basil Quiche (Low Carb)