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This was very easy to make, i added mushroom with the onions and used a different type of cheese as i didn't have the one recommended but the end result as fantastic, thanks ellie2 i had never heard of a crustless quiche before i will definatly be making this again.

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Tulip-Fairy April 15, 2003

YUM! Made and served this this morning for our Easter brunch. Very nice flavor. I loved the Meunster cheese! And it was really, really easy. I cut it into pie wedges and served--everyone really liked it. Thanks for posting!

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spatchcock April 20, 2003

Great spinach dish! This was really easy to throw together and the end result was very nice looking. We served this with a "side" of lemon pepper chicken breast. I will be making this dish often. Thanks for the great recipe :)

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Shae March 29, 2003

Very easy, very good taste, I did use fresh spinach and added just a little fine chopped red pepper. I like the color. They had some great fresh looking spinach and peppers at our farmers market so I couldn't pass them up. I followed directions exactly. My only recommendation is that I felt it needed some herbs as I was making it. So, I did add some fresh tarragon and basil. I made it for a friend, but made a small one for me that I had for a late breakfast today. Very nice!

UPDATE: Well, I have made this 3 or 4 times and it is so easy. The last couple of times I used frozen chopped spinach which worked very well. I continue to add a little red pepper diced fine, just for some color, but it also adds a bit of sweet flavor. This last time, I added some all purpose seasoning vs fresh herbs and again, turned out very good. But, I had just a couple of spoons of ricotta leftover so I through that in and WOW, was it good. I topped the quiche with a little grated parm

The best thing is, is that you can really change up the cheese. I have used gruyere, swiss and mozzarella, this time was provolone and mozzarella with the parm on the top.

The recipe is good as is, but I love that you can change it up just a bit each time. diced olives with feta would be great or sundried tomatoes. Ham and mushrooms too. A very good easy recipe.

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SarasotaCook May 04, 2011

Delicious! I added chopped bacon which I cooked with the onion and spinach, otherwise I followed the recipe exactly and it turned out great. Fluffy, cheesey and so tasty. I can't wait to experiment with different ingredients.

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bukgrl September 09, 2011

This was delicious. The only thing I added were a few globs of neufchatel cheese on top which gave it more of a specialty breakfast food taste to it. I also added some garlic powder and dill into the eggs which gave it a nice after-flavor. Thank you! This is sure to become one of my main dishes.

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beggsorama June 16, 2013

I deviated a bit from the recipe as I only had frozen spinach and cheddar cheese on hand. The result? I almost polished off the whole quiche for dinner!

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exg10 October 16, 2011

I adapted this recipe and made it into mini crustless quiches in a muffin tin so that my toddler could pick them up and eat them herself...
I used cheddar mostly and added alittle over a half of a cup of peppered manchego which, we bought at the local farmers market and i wanted to use it up. it was out of this world!!! even toddler approved-

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loves2cook86 September 12, 2011

This is what my husband and I took to work for lunch last week. It was wonderful and since I don't really like fooling with a pie crust, it was easy on the cook (that would be me). I don't often use muenster cheese but did for this and it had a nice flavor. Thanks for sharing this recipe. It is something we would both like to have again.

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ratherbeswimmin' July 26, 2003

I've made this for brunch on two occasions and it's a new favorite in our family. You don't miss having a crust on this quiche. Muenster cheese is great, but the recipe is very good with any other cheeses too. I like to add some finely crushed red pepper and garlic for extra flavor.

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DesertRose15 May 15, 2014
Crustless Spinach Quiche