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CARB COUNT IS MISLEADING! This is a delicious pie, but why on earth do you recommend using Splenda Sugar Blend, and yet do not reflect the much higher carb count of this product in the nutrition stats! I made this pie and thought it was fantastic, but also thought I was only consuming 2.2 carbs per slice.... now I realize that instead, the real carb count was over 20 carbs per slice... which basically just set my diet back two weeks! Two weeks of spinach salads and chicken breasts derailed by a slice of splenda pie... that is just wrong!

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Miss Meow January 16, 2011

yummy!!! I'm diabetic and treats like are hard to find,so I really enjoyed it. :D I'm also allergic to milk so insread of cream i used coconut milk ,I also added nutmeg,allspice,vanilla,and replaced 1/4 of a cup of splenda with honey to reduce the chemically taste.(I used regular splenda instead of the blend) It was very enjoyable,thank you. :)

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AubbykinzlovesKaylabear March 27, 2012

This is very misleading....even though it's at the top of the nutritional label that the splenda sugar blend is not included in the carb count. I didn't see this and made it for my mother who has diabetes and she got a very high blood sugar spike...this could have been dangerous for her.

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locarb roller November 26, 2010

While it is stated that the Splenda Blend is included (it's in the fine print), there really is no excuse not to provide an accurate calculation. Serious LCers care about the counts, and the counts do matter. That said, with all due respect, anyone who blindly accepted the information as it was provided can't have put more that 2 seconds worth of thought into it. Splenda Blend is Splenda (sucralose) mixed with regular sugar (sucrose). Anyone really serious about an LC lifestyle probably wouldn't touch this product with a ten foot pole! But, if an LCer decided to try it out anyway, I would think s/he would be VERY careful to calculate accurately.

For the record, 1/2 cup of Splenda Sugar Blend has 96g of carbs, so 3/4 cup has 144g of carbs! That's for the whole pie, but that's very high (and doesn't include the 20g carbs from the rest of the ingredients). For the total pie (and I'm assuming that the rest of the counts are, in fact, accurate) there are 164g of total carbs, or 161.6g net carbs (after subtracting fiber). Each serving, then, is 20.2 net carbs.

I would ignore the author, and use regular Splenda (although be sure to count the carbs if you use the granular--from the malodextrin used as a filler). Liquid sucralose, which is hard to find in stores (but is available online) has zero carbs.

For those complaining of a bitter taste, try combining at least two different sweeteners (e.g., sucralose and stevia, or sucralose and one of the sugar alcohols like xylitol or erythritol). Combining the sweeteners tends to help reduce the "chemical" taste. It's worth noting that erythritol has the lowest impact on blood sugar of the sugar alcohols, and causes less "problems" than the others.

I hope this helps someone.

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DocTony November 04, 2012

I agree with the reader that was upset about the amount of carbs. Fortunately...I realised this BEFORE I made it. I used all Splenda, and added a tsp. of maple flavoring to the ingredients. It worked out very well. Delicious dessert. I'll be making it again. OFTEN!

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patsu5 September 13, 2014

My mom and I just started a lower carb diet but are having trouble sticking to it where snacks are concerned. This was a great find! I used a can of pumpkin, evaporated milk, and Splenda granulated. I also added 1/4 tsp each of nutmeg and allspice. The taste was great, just like pumpkin pie! My only issue was the texture. It seemed a little spongier and more liquidy than I'm used to. That threw me off a little so I think next time I'll try adding in some walnuts to distract from the texture. Otherwise, this is a great and easy recipe that I'll be making frequently! (Came out to 6.5 carbs a slice for me.)

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dnsillik March 01, 2013

I love this pie! A couple of people have expressed concern about the splenda sugar blend but the fix for this is easy - just use either the granulated splenda or the granulated fiber splenda and then you don't have any added carbs to the recepie from the sweetener. I have always made this with the granulated splenda and it is yummy! On the graulated fiber it does have 1 gram of carbs per tsp (36 total for this recepie) but they don't count since they are fiber.

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michellegarza7 January 02, 2011

The problem is that you recommend the Splenda Baking Blend which is mostly real sugar. 1 cup of The baking blend has a hundred carbs, not 24, like the bulk splenda you quote in your explanation. But you said not to use the packets...and the bulk splenda is the same stuff that is in the packets! It just has added fillers to make it measure cup for cup like sugar.

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Sharon W. October 13, 2015

Delicious! I made it with an almond flour crust. Next time I will use less sweetener than it calls for, was overly sweet for my liking.

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briannaf March 07, 2015

Don't use Splenda for baking - carb count is too high. Regular Splenda granulated works fine and the carbs are much less - 9g for 3/4 cup

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Plosie November 13, 2014
Crustless Low Carb Pumpkin Pie