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This was very good! I didn't use low fat cottage cheese as I am just not a fan, but I am sure it would not have hurt the flavor. I used a sharp cheddar, but any cheddar would of worked. I too was hesitant about the cooked broccoli as one reviewer mentioned, so I just cut mine pretty small, I used mostly the tops and added a bit more than suggested, and with the long cooking time, they were perfectly cooked without pre cooking. I also added 1 leek which was good, it gave just a little extra flavor. I had it on hand and needed to use it up, but if I hadn't had it, I probably would of added a few scallions for a light onion flavor. But that is just my personal tastes. And as the author suggested ... you can go a bit more generous with the herbs which I did. I used fresh dill and mint which worked very good. Mine came out perfect. It was light and made a perfect lunch. Thx for a great recipe. Will definitely be making it again.

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SarasotaCook October 10, 2010

Yummy. I don't like cottage cheese but this was delicious!

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lunabelle August 22, 2008

We loved this - was amazed by how much the quiche rose. Lovely hot or cold. Will try more (and raw) broccoli next time as the broccoli tended to disappear in the mixture. Would also like to try sliced leek, instead. Really delish and going into my Tried & Tested Favourites.

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Shazzie April 01, 2008
Crustless Feta and Cheddar Quiche