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Being the first hand drinker of this fabulous drink... it has lot of sweet kick in it.. must try! Keeping on star empty for greed of more recepeis!!!

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ksalokranjan January 09, 2012

Like another reviewer, I had really high hopes for this cocktail. I did do a few things slightly askew from the posted recipe instructions. For instance, I couldn't see myself muddling a whole orange, so I put my orange segments in my food processor and pulsed it for about 20 seconds or so. Then I added that orange mush to my glass and topped it off with the vodka. I let that sit for about an hour or so, to let the orange pulp absorb some of the vodka, and then I added some carbonated tonic. It was interestesting, but probably not something I would make again. I do think it might have benefitted from using citrus-infused vodka and perhaps a half-shot of orange liqueur maybe. Thank you for sharing your recipe, nasehasameen. Made for Spring 2012 Pick-A-Chef.

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NorthwestGal April 15, 2012

I wanted this to be awesome, but it was really just so-so. I think that if a little simple syrup was added, this may grow to 4 or 5 stars. It is perhaps a personal preference, as I do love sweet drinks. I had an orange essence carbonated water, so I used that. If you like a vodka soda, this drink is for you. I found the orange really hard to incorporate, and I mashed/tore the heck out of it. Sorry, but I think with a little tweaking, this could become a 'summer lovin' drink. Thanks for sharing, nasehasameen.

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alligirl April 09, 2012
Crushed Gold