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I *love* salsa on bread. Use very hot salsa on regular white bread (the stuff that comes in a bag!), forget the top slice of bread and eat. It's great when you have a cold and need something hot and spicy to unclog your nose but you dont want to be stuck on soup all the time!

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Heather Sullivan February 13, 2002

I can't believe I actually tried this out!! I decided to give it a trial run, with a few alterations: (this is the smooth salsa sandwich version, I didn't have any chips) I laid out 2 pieces of fresh italian bread. On both sides I put the salsa, and added a combo of grated american/pepperjack cheese. On one side I placed thinly sliced red onions and cherry tomatoes, and on the other side a sizzling row of Trappey's jalapeno slices (the best in the world). I stuck it all together and toasted it in the oven. 10 minutes later, I had a rather interesting looking sandwich sitting in front of me. The flavor was, well, good. But it was very, very messy: each bite sent salsa squirting every which way. While it filled my gnawing hunger, it didn't last too long. I was *starving* 2 hours later! This would probably be really good with a tortilla shell. The bread just doesn't make a great holder for salsa. Cute idea, though!

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s'kat February 11, 2002

Nothing about that recipe sounds good at all. None of it even goes together.

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Gingerbear January 21, 2002

Desperation leads to mysterious things! Is good, though I've used corn chips mostly.

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b_dazzld December 18, 2003

So yummy! I'm guessing that the person who said these ingredients didn't go together didn't even try it out. I used kettle baked jalapeno potato chips, my favorite homemade salsa recipe and a really crusty bread. This is my little "cheat" during the week. Thanks for the post!

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BurtonFanatic September 06, 2006

V O September 23, 2001
Crunchy Salsa Sandwich