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I served this at my 4th of July picnic and it got RAVE reviews. Everyone was flumoxed about the ingredients and were surprised to see raman in something that tasted so good. A ton of people brought leftovers home with them. The only changes I made were to halve the amount of sesame seeds and use veggie broth instead of the ramen broth to make it fit for the vegetarians.

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sofie-a-toast July 12, 2011

This recipe deserves way more than 5 stars! We went back to eat more after dinner and it was even better. My husband asked if we can make it again this weekend. I sliced some roast chicken on the top and it was great. I really do think this is one of the best salads I have ever had. Thank you!!!

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Lili's, Rori's & Rainah's Meemaw July 07, 2009

This is a good ramen noodle salad. I'm looking for one with a sweeter dressing, though. I think I would leave out some of the seasoning packet next time because it made it a little bit too salty for my taste. Thanks!

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Lucky Clover August 07, 2010

I'm a little shocked at what a hit this was at my work's pot luck. I mean RAVE reviews. I made a few minor tweaks (added a spash of soy sauce to the dressing, used Splenda/sugar mix and squeezed one fresh lime over the final product) and it was delish. I also threw in a bunch of extra veggies (red and yellow bell peppers, edamame, shredded carrot) for flavor/color/nutrition. Will definitely make again. So easy!

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chicagolissa June 07, 2013

Fun recipe! Made it yesterday night for Super Bowl to accompany some ribs. It was well received. I used napa cabbage and red cabbage. . .then threw in some green bell pepper that needed a home. I also had to use red onion as I was out of green onions so I only used about 1.5 T of onion which was perfect. I used the Stevia option to decrease calories and I used just a touch of sesame oil which gave it a depth of flavor. I felt this was better after having set for about 45 minutes at room temp. Thanks for posting, Mama!!!

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JanuaryBride February 04, 2013

Wonderful...easy and delicious. I have made this twice, the first time as written, and today with some of the suggested variations, and we devoured this salad both times. Much appreciated...you deserved your prize!

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Sweet Baboo August 24, 2007

Loved this! My family also enjoyed this greatly and DH was asking me to make it again WHILE WE WERE EATING IT STILL!! I made this and added seasoned, grilled chicken breasts to make it a main dish. Definitely a keeper that will be made again!! I regularly make this with cranberries,and alternate with chicken for a main dish. This has become a VERY requested dish in my household!!!! Making tonight again -made for Father's Day....I make it all the time!!!! THANK YOU so much for this one!!!

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Mommy Diva July 02, 2007

Delicious and so simple. I made this for a memorial day BBQ and every bit was eaten. I never knew I could toast the nuts in the microwave. That's so much easier than using the stove... less chance of burning. Thank you!

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KayBeeOakdale June 02, 2007

I love this recipe! I think the ramen is a much healthier choice than chow mien noodles which are fried and go stale quickly. I think it is appropriate to mention that some package ramen has from 500 to over 3000 mg of sodium per package! One package can be 1/2 to triple the daily recommended maximum of sodium. Just a note for those on a low sodium diet. I buy Sapporo Ichiban and the chicken flavor has about 500 mg of salt per package. Those ramen that have no MSG may also have a higher level of salt.<br/>For this recipe 127 grams is a serving and this is almost 4.5 ounces with sodium at over 600 mg for one serving! Over half the calories in a serving are fat. I will try to find a way to cut the fat, sodium and sugar in this particular recipe as we are older and not as active.

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I_Fortuna August 07, 2013

Delicious! Made this for our lunch today and I used cabbage, napa cabbage, red/yellow bell peppers, some green and red onion slivers and grated carrots...toasted the almonds, sesame seeds and noodles. I did use rice vinegar and added some sesame oil to the regular vegetable oil. DH and I totally loved this salad and will be making this again. Thank you for posting. Made for 2013 Zaar Chef Alphabet Soup tag game.

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mama smurf July 02, 2013
Crunchy Noodle Salad *Award Winning*