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WONDERFUL granola!!! I cut the oats to 3 cups so I could add lots of nuts ~ pecans, almonds, and macadamias. I used ground flax meal instead of wheat germ, pepitas instead of sunflower seeds, golden flax seeds instead of sesame, and I also added 1/4 cup chia seeds. I used organic coconut oil instead of butter, raw tupelo honey, almond milk and sea salt. I did add the cinnamon (1 teaspoon) and I was so very glad I did. This smelled heavenly while baking, and I stirred every 4 minutes as even 5 minutes was crisping some of the oats! I added dried organic blueberries once it came out of the oven. Was going to use dried banana chips, but DH has already eaten them, but will try those next time. I think I like this better than my own granola recipe LOL It's a wonderful recipe Peggy ~ so glad I chose it ! Made for ZWT 6 - GERMANY/BENELUX for the Queens of Quisine.

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FloridaNative May 31, 2010

This is fantastic and so easy to customize. To lower the fat a bit I kept the butter the same and increased everything else except the honey. It came out great. Thanks for posting.

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CaliforniaJan August 10, 2011

HAHAHAAAAAA!!! I finally found IT, THE ultimate recipe, the one I have been looking for, the one I ate every morning for over 5 month, the one Thibault used to steal in a little container before he go back home, THE MUESLI. I'm glad I found it and I'm finally able to write a review about it, but I had to. Anyone who eats more than a box of it a week should write a review about it anyway. Thanks again Peggy for helping me and making me all these boxes. And congratulation for the very good idea of the cinnamon , I know what I'm talking about and it really makes a big difference. +it's very easy to make, the proof is that I didn't blow the kitchen up. (quiete an achievment to be honnest)

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Maki Catta August 07, 2007

I would add more cinnamon and reduce the amount of raisins, but overall it tastes great! I have eaten this for breakfast every day this week, and I'm making another batch right now for next week :)

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hurdy09 May 19, 2013

Peggy, this is such a yummy recipe! It is crunchy, sweet and full of flavour! Love it!
I made half the recipe as it is just my sis and me and we devoured this! :)
Following some other reviewers suggestion I used ground flax seeds in place of the wheat germ as thats what I had on hand and I really enjoyed the nuttyness this added to the granola.
Instead of honey I used agave syrup and that turned out nice and sweet.
The cinnamon was a great touch (I doubled the amount).
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this keeper with us!
Made and reviewed for Make My Recipe #12 November 2010.

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Lalaloula November 27, 2010

Yummy and healthy...you can't beat that. I used sesame sticks in place of the sesame seed. I also added dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and roasted peanuts. I did use the cinnamon and also used the full 1/2 cup of honey. Super simple to make and tastes great. Made for July 2010 Aus/NZ Swap.

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Crafty Lady 13 July 05, 2010

Yummy! Not too sweet with the lesser amount of honey that was nice with the Thompson raisins I used. I found ours got brown in 15 minutes like another reviewer so watch it carefully and stir it often. We are gluten free so I left out the wheat germ, I prefer granola without sesame seeds so I left them out. I wanted to use sunflower seeds but I just could not wait to make this until shopping so I went ahead without them but cut down a little on the butter and added two glugs of unrefined sunflower oil to give it that flavour and be healthier! Then I added almonds in almost double the amount in the sunflower seeds place. I added a lot more cinnamon like quite a few other reviewers. I used a good unpasteurised local cream honey. Lastly to be dairy free I used Almond Milk (Almond Drink Base) in a lesser amount because of the ingredient decrease and because I used additional oil. I used sea salt. I may make this again but I want to use sunflower seeds as well next time and I may increase the honey a tad. Thanks Leggy Peggy. Made for ZWT6 Germany/Benelux region for my team, The Ya Ya Cookerhood.

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UmmBinat May 20, 2010

i subbed natural peanut butter for the butter. and reduced sunflower seeds to about an 1/8th and subbed with also a 1/8th sliced almond. and 1-8th ground flax seed. forgot the raisins. I love. thank you.

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Halliy August 10, 2009

This was very easy to make. Instead of 1/2 cup sunflower seeds I reduced it to 1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds and added 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds. Also, instead of sesame seeds I used whole flax seeds for omega-3's!. I also added more dried fruit than suggested because I love raisins. I used a full teaspoon if not more cinnamon as well. I will reiterate that it needs to be stirred often especially if you bake it for 30 minutes. The wheat germ made the muesli more powdery than I would've liked and it crisped very easily on the bottom of my pan. Otherwise very tasty recipe.

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Emihole March 08, 2009

Love it! Eating it for dinner right now :) And the best part is that my picky toddler is eating it too!!!! I cut the recipe in half, subbed flax seeds for sesame seeds and then added some sliced almonds. For fruit, I used craisins and dried apricots. I also put in a TON of cinnamon, as that's how I like it. Mine was nearly over toasted at 15 minutes on 350, so please do watch it closely!!! Excellent granola. Made for MAKE MY RECIPE game of tag.

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JanuaryBride February 03, 2009
Crunchy Granola (Muesli)