Crunchy Ginger Snaps (Similar to Arnotts Gingernut)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Snappy, crunchy, golden brown ginger cookies perfect for dunking. Easy, and very delicious. Because I use Aussie measurements I'll write in teaspoons to avoid international confusion : )))


  1. Preheat oven to 180C (350 F) or 170C if using gas or fan forced oven.
  2. Cream the first three ingredients in a bowl.
  3. In another bowl, combine the last four ingredients.
  4. Mix together til combined, but don't overmix.
  5. Bake teaspoonfuls on a greased tray for 10 mins, or until the entire biscuit is golden brown. If you only cook til it has golden edges you will get a chewy biscuit. It needs to be the same deep golden brown over the whole biscuit.
  6. Cool for a couple of minutes on the tray, and then lift to a rack. Store when totally cool in an airtight container.
Most Helpful

Oh My, these are so very good. I have to give it 5 stars just for making it through to yummy even though I had to improvise so much. 1st I didn't have self rising flour so I made it with 1-1/4 t. baking powder to each cup of flour. 2nd, I only have regular I used that. 3rd I don't have golden syrup...I used Agave Nectar. Finally, I only had 6 t. of fresh ginger so I added 4 t. of dry powder. The cookies are very delicious and great for dunkin in Tea. Thanks for the great flexible recipe!

julikoz January 22, 2013

Wow! These are fabulous! So crunchy and tasty! I used 4 tsp of ground ginger *all I had* and I used fresh grated ginger for the rest and they taste amazing! Perfect color, crunch, and taste! Thanks for posting this recipe. I made these to go with Pumpkin Ice Cream. These were the perfect "crust" to sprinkle onto the ice cream.

Piper Lee December 14, 2011