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I just reviewed these, and I think I hit the wrong button. I made these twice. The first time, I don't believe I got all the moisture out before putting them in the oven. They were a little limp and not great. I gave them a second try. The second time, I drained them on Bounty wrapped in kitchen towels. I cooked them covered for about 10 min. I then cooked them another 10 min. I took out about half and returned the remainder to the oven. The ones I took out a little early were good, but sure were not "crunchy." The ones I left in the oven another 5 min. or so were wonderful; crunchy; fully baked. The next time I do these, I will try some cayenne pepper or garlic salt. There's lots of room for different seasonings here, depending on what you're serving them with. Make sure you don't take them out early. They are still good, but you'll miss the crunchy part!!!

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~Bliss~ February 01, 2008

I made these as written they were wonderful. Crispy, crunchy yet tender in the middle, just the way we like em. I cooked these exactly as written and couldn't have been happier. Next time I would use less oil, (personal preference only). Thanks for sharing your quick and easy to make recipe. I will be enjoying these again and again. Made for What's on the Menu? Tag Game.

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Baby Kato April 25, 2015

The fries tasted great; however, we had problems with the cooking time. We found that they took 1 hour altogether. 10 minutes covered and 50 minutes uncovered, and even then they could of cooked a bit longer. We are at an altitude of 1,000. They taste delicious though!

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Eliza S March 09, 2008

These were really good!

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janeyjojames January 11, 2006
Crunchy Baked Fries