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These are awesome! Absolutely scrumptious. Taste like the authentic British crumpets I used to eat back home. I prepared the batter in the bread machine, and used 1 packet (2 1/4 tsp.) of dried yeast instead of the compressed yeast. I've made these twice now, and both times, they turned out GREAT! They can be refrigerated or frozen, and then toasted. Slather with butter, let it melt into the holes, then enjoy!!!

Edited to say that I've made these many times over the years, and they have never failed me! It is the only recipe I'll use! :)

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truebrit July 14, 2011

One word describes my reaction - WOW! I can't believe that I have actually made crumpets after buying them all the time. These are better than store bought. I got 31 pcs and I think my egg rings are regular size ones. Unfortunately I only possess 2 egg rings so it took forever. I would recommend getting at least 4.

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francoise August 11, 2009

These are yummy. My family was very excited when they woke up to freshly made crumpets. I found that as the batter sat between cooking batches it thickened, and the characteristic bubbles could not form. I solved this by mixing in a little water before pouring the next batch. By adding this step I get the bubbles every time.

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wood stove stoker February 20, 2008

I cut this recipe back to 8 crumpets, toasted 2 before I even took the picture! Excellent. Used a large fry pan that held 4 rings. I do not have egg rings so I took a juice can and with tin snips cut off the bottom part of the can and the top discarding the middle part of the tin. Remove bottom lid before cutting the can, you get two rings from each can. When the surface of the crumpet was covered with holes I removed the rings let them cooked a couple of minutes longer and then flipped the crumpet over for abouta half minute. Lovely toasted lathered in butter and some honey on top. I will post a further picter of the toasted crumpet later. Thanks Doreen Randal great recipe

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Bergy June 18, 2004

Thank you, Thank-you!! I've been looking for just the right recipe for years and this is the one. The taste and texture are perfect. Crusty bottom, slightly chewy texture with tons of tiny bubble tunnels, and just the right sharpness to the flavor. I followed the recipe (super easy)exactly except for filling the rings with batter only 1/2 or 2/3rds. My rings are english muffen rings and are slightly deeper. I also turned them over after removing the rings for less than a minute to give the top a slight toasted appearence. Thanks again - Bob

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Bob Jr October 27, 2006

By far the worst directions of any recipe I have ever seen. I'm assuming that these have to rise? How long? No, you can't just add the dried yeast to the dry ingredients! Why does thus take 1:13 minutes? If you are going to post a recipe, actually post enough information to be useful.

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Caleb S. January 31, 2016

Worst ever. Leaves a awful after taste too.

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murrayville5 January 03, 2014

Made these for breakfast this morning. WOW! The whole family loved them! I made them in my pikelet pan so they were a tad smaller. Made over 24 and all went bar 4! Wanted to make crumpets for a long time, if I had realised how easy they are to make, I would have made them sooner! Thanks!!!

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Batlady March 02, 2013

I make these a lot and I quite love the recipe. it is quick and easy to mix up. The only reason I don't give it a perfect score is...I always seem to have to add a bunch more water to get the holes to form on the top. thanks so much for sharing this. I live in a country where proper crumpets are hard to come by

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luisawoods May 22, 2010