Crockpot Roasted Chicken (Poulet Roti - a Recipe Inspired by Che

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4hrs 10mins
10 mins
4 hrs

I took chef momaphet's posted recipe for Poulet Roti (Roast Chicken) - Poulet Rôti (Roast Chicken), and changed it slightly so it could be cooked usiing a crockpot. This is such an easy recipe to prepare and tastes similar to a rotisserie chicken. The chicken is moist and flavorful. Feel free to change amounts or types of herbs to your liking! This would be great with mashed potatoes and gravy. If your whole chicken has a neck and giblets, you can reserve them in your refrigerator until about an hour before dinner time and make a gravy with them. Just put them in a small pot, cover with water and a little onion and carrots and a little herbs, bring to a boil and then simmer for about an hour, strain this and use for your gravy (however you normally make gravy) for extra flavor. Enjoy!

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  1. Put the onions in the bottom of your crockpot.
  2. Mix together the herbs and spices, rubbing them together with your fingers to blend.
  3. Gently lift the skin from either side of the breast and using your fingers, push a bit of the herb mix under each side.
  4. Turn the chicken over and make a small slit behind each thigh and push some of the herb mix under the thigh skin.
  5. Sprinkle the rest of the herb mixture over the top of the chicken and if you have any left sprinkle it inside the chicken.
  6. Put your chicken into the crockpot, on top of the onions, breast side up. No liquid is needed, the chicken will make it's own juices!
  7. Cook in the crockpot on the low setting for 4-6 hours. My crockpot cooked the chicken in about 5 hours. I'd recommend a pop-up timer in the chicken because some crock pots cook faster/slower than others.
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LifeIsGood this is a great recipe for all seasons I am so glad you adjusted momaphat's recipe to a crock recipe.. We eat chicken at least 2 times per week and often 3 times so I am always looking for a recipe to meet the day's demands. I LOVED this recipe. The flavors imparted from the herbs were wonderful. My house smelled so good and it was mouthwatering to come home to after a Roswell Cancer Institute visit :-( knowing dinner would be done and simple. Hubby loved this as much as me for taste although I love the simplicity of making it. I used fresh cut rosemary and thyme ads I just purhcased these plants for the gardens so simple is as simple does. I did add in quartered potatoes to the bottom of the crock as well making dinner that much simpler so only veggies need to be steamed for dinner. The taters took on the flavors of the herbs as well and I LOVE rosemary taters. This will be in my go to monthly chicken dinner menu. I can see changing up the herbs to suit the moods so it will also be a fun recipe to make with and without taters maybe adding in some root veggies to complete the meals. Thank you. Made for May 2013 Aussie Swap. 5 stars taste 5 stars ease.