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This was just wonderful! Very flavorful. The herbs are an excellent blend. I cut the kielbasa in 3 inch pieces and served this over penne. We will have this one often! Thanks, Diggy!

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MizzNezz September 20, 2002

Five out of Five people loved this recipe. Outstanding Diggy. My family loves kielbasa and this was a fabulous way of serving it up. I didn't use whole tomatoes but a can of diced tomatoes. I was able to double the recipe for my 6 quart slow cooker. I served it with choo choo pasta and five cheese Texas toast. This is a keeper.

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Audrey M October 21, 2002

We had this last weekend and loved it. We had friends over, who are on the South Beach Diet, and they brought their own food, even though, I urged them to try this. After they got here, they wished they had left their food at home. Everything, except the pasta, would fall within their food rules. Thank you, Thank you!

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Effy J January 16, 2010

This turned out to be much more like a soup for me but that's okay! I just served in a bowl without the pasta with a side of garlic toast and we were all very happy. I did not use the ground beef because I wanted a keilbasa only meal and next time I may do without the olives as I don't think they really did anything for the flavor and added a bit of extra liquid. Thanks for the recipe!

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invictus June 06, 2008

DELICIOUS! I used bow-tie pasta and substituted ground turkey breast for the beef and about 3 ozs. chopped ripe olives for the whole. Other than that I followed the recipe precisely and what a delightful meal. I served in June, but will make again in the winter as she suggests - it's a cross between a soup and stew....a Stoup as Rachel Ray says! I can see thickening the sauce and serving over rice or mashed potatoes, too. Great recipe, Audrey! Many thanks

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Southern Lady June 05, 2006

I left out the ground beef and browned the turkey kielbasa and added rest of ingredients to large skillet on top of stove. Drained olives and green beans. Family loved this and want it again. Thanks Diggy. Thellie

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Thellie April 04, 2005

This was very good. As my brother-in-law said, it's great considering it's the middle of the week, meaning it wasn't a fancy gourmet dish but it tasted good and was easy to make. I would change the black olives to green or use capers near the end to give it a bit more zing. Black olives out of the can are just a little to bland for my taste.

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Odanja February 04, 2005

This was excellent--very tangy and much more refreshing than lots of kielbasa recipes. There was absolutely no grease, which was nice! The sauce was, like several people have already said, a little watery, but I wonder if that was because I didn't have any ground beef... Probably. To thicken the sauce, I cooked everything with the lid off for about fifteen minutes, and added four tablespoons of Trader Joe's Sundried Tomato Splash seasoning (which is incidentally the single best spice mix of all time!).

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juniperwoman January 24, 2005

I didn't have any green peppers and I didn't add the ground beef til the last 2 hours as I usually don't like ground beef that has been in the crockpot that long. I used regular cut instead of french cut green beans. The whole thing took 5 hours on low in my cp which always seems to cook faster than what is called for. Entire family enjoyed, thanks.

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richabby January 12, 2005
Crocked Kielbasa