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I think the chicken was just too cooked by 8 hours. Taste is good but texture dull.

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patty harrison April 25, 2003

Back in 1985 when I was single and working long hours, I used to make sure I had supper ready for myself and my roommate by putting a whole frozen chicken in the crock pot before leaving in the morning and let it cook all day. Sometimes, the lid wouldn't even close completely until the chicken had cooked for awhile. I'd just sprinkle whatever spices I could grab over the frozen chicken and let 'er rip on Low. No liquid was necessary because the chicken made the most wonderful juices and the skin crisped up so nicely. It smelled so good when coming in the house when you're exhausted.

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kris.hodges_12155422 October 21, 2014

I'm not sure how I could've screwed this up but it did not turn out. I am giving it the two stars cause we did eat it, however it was in the homemade chicken pot pie recipe I made. I cooked it on low for the day and when I came home, it did have its own juices like the recipe states. However, when I pulled the bird out of the crockpot (and ye was really falling apart) and set it aside, it just did not have a good texture to it. And, I had my husband taste it after it had come out of the crockpot for about 20 minutes and he said it was dry! I honestly don't understand how meat that's cooked in its own juiced could be dry, but it was!

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Cassie G. September 30, 2014

Made this for dinner tonight and was very well received by my family. I put 2 tsp. of salt, but maybe for our taste, 3 would be better if the 4 is a bit too much. I used the cooking liquid that was with left with the onions for a delicious couscous side dish. I finely chopped the onions and added some fresh cilantro when i added the dry couscous to the cooking liquid. There were some leftovers too, so chicken salad will be in our future. Thank You Kathy for a easy and delicious recipe.

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JERSEY FLOURCHILD January 28, 2014

Almost 100 degrees all week and trying to not use the oven. This is the best chicken I have ever made, bar none. The seasoning is perfect. A little spicy for the kids but they loved the meat from deeper inside the bird. I made two changes based on necessity, so I only had black pepper, and I cooked this chicken on a layer of baby carrots since I had no onion. I put the rub on the outside and cavity of the bird, as well as rubbing it under the skin on the breast, back, and thighs. The only sounds at dinner last night were "mmmmm"s, so thanks for sharing a great recipe. I'll try this in the rotisserie next time to crisp the skin up. Yum.

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Queen Roachie August 29, 2013

I some how forgot to rate this and have been making it for over 12 months! Fabulous and easy, great to cook a chook for meals that require coked and shredded chicken or to have shredded chicken in the freezer. If I am making this for that nights dinner, I always add small new potatoes on the bottom. Such a great recipe!!!

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cookingpompom July 14, 2013

This recipe is by far one of our favorites! It could not be any easier. Occasionally when I prepare it, I might be out of one of the spices so I substitute another one and it has always turned out great. I will admit to adding a stick of butter to the recipe! I place 2 of the tablespoons under the chicken skin and the remaining 6 tablespoons inside the cavity of the chicken.

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stampin-nut_10936053 June 25, 2013

This litterally took me 3 minutes to get into the crock pot in the morning and the house smelt amazing when I walked in the door. The chicken fell apart taking it out of the pot, it was so moist and tender. The whole family enjoyed it. I used a small chicken and a very large crock pot - the breasts were a tad dry, I might turn the chicken upside down next time. I stuffed the cavity with lemon wedges and made a bed of onion in the bottom of the crockpot. I cut way down on the salt (1/4) and it was perfect that way. Thanks!

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partysweets May 24, 2013

Made this for the first time yesterday and it was delicious. I struggled to get it out of the slow cooker as it just fell to pieces it was so tender. The spices had given it a lovely taste and I did as someone else had suggested and put the chicken on onion, celery, carrots and parsnips to cook. I then added an extra 1.5 litres and all the skin and bones back into the slow cooker for about 7 hours on low and got a beautiful stock. Will definitely be making this my normal roast chicken recipe, so much less stress when its in the slow cooker!
ps I had my chicken upside down to keep the breast moist, but will try breast up next time. The skin was lovely and crispy on top though, my husband loved it!

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gingerbumblebee December 09, 2012

EXCELLENT! The only way I am doing a whole chicken from now on. The spice mixture is perfect! Took 5 hours in the crock pot. Yummy

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mom2hhh November 28, 2012
Crock Pot Whole Chicken