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The reviews don't lie! It's a great recipe. My 5lb bird was done in just less than 4 hours....and broiling it for a bit at the end (carefull not too long) is the ticket!

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nathan.morgan August 20, 2010

I really loved this recipe! The flavors from the seasoning is so wonderful and full of flavor. I squeezed fresh lemon juice over the chicken and then rubbed on the spice blend. I also added the lemons inside the chicken. Very yummy indeed! Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

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SoCalCookerGal July 06, 2010

I followed this recipe precisely and we LOVED it! I had never cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot before. When the chicken was done, I reserved the juices, strained off the fat, added a flour slurry, and made the BEST chicken gravy we've ever had. Finally, I put the bones, scraps, and skin back into the crock pot with about 2 cups of water and let it cook on low overnight, strained the broth the next day to use for the next several days worth of recipes! Ulta-FRUGAL! Thanks for this great recipe. I will consider pre-mixing the spices and sharing them in gift bags with the recipe attached for friends and family.

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Captain Jack February 24, 2009

I am making this chicken for the 3rd time in the last month! I just put a 7 lb bird in the crockpot because my son, his wife and 2 small children are coming to visit from Chicago. These are the very important things I learned from reading many of the reviews. I cut my salt to 1 tsp, used half the amount of cayenne, and 1 tsp. total of pepper. I lifted the breast skin and put the seasoning under it, also 2 small pats of butter. I seasoned the cavity well and sprikled the rest of the seasoning over the rest of the chicken. In the cavity I placed 2 crushed cloves of garlic, slices from half a lemon and a large sprig of rosemary from my garden bended in half. This is what I have done each time and it has been amazing.

If you read a recipe and it sounds like too much salt or anything else use common sense and don't use so much. I think some of the folks are cooking these chickens too long, I have been able to lift the bird (carefully) from the crockpot with succulent, moist tender meat including the breast. My 6qt oval Crockpot cooks a 5 lb chicken on low in around 5-6 hours.

Like everyone says, chill that broth and remove the fat which will harden on top for some amazing chicken noodle soup! I have not tried putting the bones back in to simmer but plan to this time.

I NEVER expected this recipe to be so good and it it fabulous!!! Thank you so much!

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Amazing Grace December 22, 2012

I followed the recipe exactly. However, 4 tsp. of salt? Come on people! That is simply way too much. It was like brining the chicken and not washing off the brine. I have made this with 3 tsp. and it was much improved, but I think next time what I will do is do the full amount of salt and wash it off after the refrigeration, then add all the other spices again with zero or only 1 tsp. of salt. That way, you will get the succulent quality of the meat without all that sodium.

Note (after the previous review) - I tried this recipe again, but instead of seasoning the bird prior to refrigeration, I brined it with All-Purpose Mild Brine for Poultry and Pork. Then I rinsed the chicken, then followed this recipe exactly with the exception of adding zero salt. It turned out GREAT!

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Cook In Southwest June 23, 2011

I made this for dinner today and the only things I did differently was that I did not measure the spices and I also added the remaining 6 cloves of fresh garlic that I had on hand as my husband loves garlic. I will definitely use this recipe often. It was very melt in your mouth good!

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donna3078 February 27, 2011

great recipe, the family loves it. easy prep and since it's in the crock pot you set it and don't have to worry about it for hours

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mbailey79 February 26, 2011

Thanks for the recipe. I would have screwed this one up by adding some kind of sauce. I never would have thought it would create enough broth to keep it juicy AND make gravy. I used Morton's Nature Seasonings, since I did not have all the spices it called for. I also did not do a whole intact chicken, I substituted a whole cut-up chicken. I added chopped garlic to the chopped onion. When the chicken was cooked (yet still moist), I broiled the chicken and made gravy from the broth. VERY GOOD and EASY!! I do not know how longed I cooked it, but no more than 6 hours. I kept switching from high to low, since I was home all day. With 3 active children this one is most definitely goiuing to be repeated...Thanks :)

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ggeorg1 December 16, 2010

Made this one evening and it came out extremely tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor. Threw in carrots and potatoes and voila, a classic crock pot meal you can't go wrong with, so thanks for the recipe.

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Kristin DeRamus December 14, 2010

This was simply to die for! Amazing! Everyone in my family ate it and even asked for seconds. I took some advice from the comments and put the chicken under the broiler at the end to make the skin crispy and it was fantastic. I didn't find this recipe until just before I needed to cook the chicken so I couldn't marinate it but it was still so tasty. This will be our go to whole chicken dish from now on.

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Yummy Twin Mummy June 19, 2010
Crock Pot Whole Chicken