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Huh. I did exactly as written. If husband had not turned it off at 5.5 hours it would have been a pile of ashes by the 8 hours in the recipe. The gravy was burned to the sides of the pot, it was all incredibly salty and the venison was like jerky. This was not a new crock pot and this was the second roast from the same deer. The first recipe I used was fantastic, this was awful. I'm sorry. I read all the reviews, I don't see what I did differently.

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kaemurphy February 21, 2013

OMG! Freaking delicious! I tweaked it a bit based on the comments I read. Definitely recommend the coffee - the acids probably help tenderize the venison. Plus the flavor is out of this world. I added enough coffee (then later another cup of water) to cover half of the roast. Used about 3/4 of the Italian Dressing seasoning pack, almost doubled the Montreal Steak Seasoning (cuz I LOVE it), used Cream of Chicken (cuz I HATE mushrooms), placed FAT slabs of onion under the roast, added carrots about two hours before I served it. Simply fabulous. The juices made a delicious gravy and I served the meal with rice - my sons gobbled it up - never knowing it was venison! EVERYONE went back for seconds. This will be a staple on my menu and I'm going to try it with beef and pork.

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mfreeman2010 September 04, 2015

This venison recipe was awesome. I was not sure about leaving it on high but did it. It cooked down a lot and was a little salty due to that. I would probably turn it down or add a little more water when cooking. I have always had trouble with venison drying out but this roast was super tender and juicy. Loved it and will definitely be making this one again!!

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griese June 09, 2015

Made this with the 10 serving recipe using three football roasts harvested from multiple deer. I opted for the brewed coffee over the water, to try something different. I only used 1 envelope of onion soup mix instead of 1 2/3 and I also used a full 20oz of cream of mushroom as well as 20oz of coffee. I also added sliced raw onions, baby carrots, and potatoes. I put it in the crock pot on low for 8 hrs. <br/> It turned out great, the roasts fell apart with a plastic serving spoon. I didn't have any leftovers. I will definitely be making this again

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Mike D. March 30, 2014

This recipe rocks. Best venison pot roast I ever had. My wife, who hates deer meat, had two plates. I did make two variations though. I cut he roast in half and put salt pork in the middle then tied it. Followed the directions and added potatoes and carrots on top. Thank you for the wonderful meal.

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thezman1291 December 22, 2013

a definite favorite!! I make my own onion soup mix and can lower the sodium that way.<br/>Thanks for posting. Making a moose roast with this recipe right now. :)

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iluvlucy October 08, 2013

I have never eaten wild game and this year dh got 2 bucks and filled our freezer with meat. I had no idea how to cook venison so I came looking and tried this one out! I have used this recipe a few times for beef but have never been wild abut it but oh man, with venison, this is outstanding! I will be making this often! Best pot roast I've ever had! All the yumminess I love of pot roast without the fat and greasiness of beef! Thanks so much for posting this!!!

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Nixx86 February 24, 2013

I didn't have any venison roasts in my freezer anymore, but I had an inexpensive-cut beef roast that I tried this with. I had to make my own copycat version of the onion soup mix and there seemed like an AWFUL lot of dried, minced onion in there, but it turned out DEEELICIOUS!!

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Swan Valley Tammi September 12, 2012

This was perfect! I had a venison roast that was on the edge of freezer burn, found your recipe and just went for it :) I actually made a mistake and cooked it on Low for 8 hours fwhile I went to work and the barn, but the roast was unaffected- it came out juicy and fall-apart-tender. Plus, DH loved it! Next time, I'm going to try the tomato soup suggestion. Thanks again for posting this!

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MissMorgan July 08, 2010

Absolutely fantastic! Moist, tender and ohhh so good! And let me add that the gravy was the best I have ever made no matter what meat I made it from. Don't miss this one, You will LOVE it!

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Ninninurse in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida February 18, 2010
Crock Pot Venison Roast