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First of all I want to say thank you for sharing this recipe.This is a good one and very forgiving when adapted. I used chicken tenders instead of legs and chopped garlic because that is what I had on hand. I also did not measure the spices just sprinkled them over the top of the pieces. Considering the italian seasonings I think next time I will dip the chicken in a good olive oil before seasoning and may even include some chunks of sweet italian sausage along side the chicken in the crockpot.Thanks again.

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bshemyshua July 27, 2006

I wish I had listened to some of you and took the skin off- why I did not is beyond me. I tweaked mine a little bit. I did put in the fresh garlic, used vegetable broth rather that chicken, used Italian seasoning rather than the rosemary, added a splash of Italian dressing and it lacked color....it didn't look appetizing at all. So I, like others on here added paprika for color. I did use 10 drumsticks for myself, two toddlers and hubby. I did have to drain some of the juice (which I saved in a bowl just in case or can use it to pour over white rice) just because I realized later on I had put to much broth in. But it still looks and smells great! OOOH! I also added slices of lemon just to give it a little tang and the smell again I cannot get over the smell.....its soooo yummy! I would def make this again, but next time I will add veggies with the garlic. But def worth trying out and def worth making again and again. Love it. P.s. if you have picky toddlers like I do (my daughter will eat anything but meat and chicken and my son is just a over all picky eater) than this is a winner. My kids devoured it! Happy cooking!

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Renee K. August 05, 2015

I placed the chicken legs in a large ziplock with olive oil and minced garlic and gave them a nice coating, then sprinkled the spices on and added the broth. (Added a bit of basil as well.) I cooked it 4 hours on high, then broiled the chicken a few minutes on each side and it was perfect. The aroma it created while cooking was amazing. This is the only way I'll cook chicken in a crock pot from now on - it seems like every other time my chicken comes out dry with a weird aftertaste. I also made gravy out of the leftover juices to go over red mashed potatoes, which was great.

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CookingCutie July 25, 2011

We love this recipe. I just mix the spices and oil together and pour it on the chicken, and it comes out great. I've made this using boneless chicken thighs, and a combo of garlic scrapes and dried roasted garlic. It was a really easy meal, and delicious. Thanks!

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Katie'sMama July 09, 2008

This was very good! I made it this week and had enough for leftovers. I took the skin off the chicken before cooking and added a little basil (very little) in addition to the rosemary. I plan to share this recipe with my sister. Thank you for posting it!

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Missmalea April 14, 2010

My husband liked this but I didn't, my legs were overdone and falling off the bone. They were tender, which was great, but they were not very appetizing and in a pool of fat and broth. If I made this again I'd take the skin off the legs before cooking and cut the cooking time way down. Partly it may be because I have a relatively strong slow cooker.

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Demandy February 15, 2009

Really good! I was afraid the garlic would be too much, but it gave the chicken a wonderful flavor. In fact, we all sat around at ate the garlic afterwards. The only change I would make is to peel the garlic first, because it is so good to eat, but the peels were a challenge to remove when they were piping hot.

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puppitypup May 28, 2014

This makes an easy, flavorful and tender chicken leg. So easy! I put my chicken legs under the broiler in my oven for a few minutes to make the skin crispier, which I think sealed the deal. Delicious!

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Dine & Dish July 12, 2010

Very tasty! The only change I'd make is to take the skin off of the chicken before cooking. Thanks!

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flash383 February 18, 2010

THis is a great recipe! Was ready in 5 hours on high! I definetely will be doing this again. I also made it with a nice side dish Recipe #1481513, Balsamic Tomatoe Couscous! This went sooo well together, thanks for the wonderful supper.

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lovinmykids February 15, 2009
Crock Pot Super Garlic Chicken Legs