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This was SO good, I couldn't stop eating it! I used less liquid so it was more like a thick hearty stew, and I absolutely loved it like that. I used barley instead of rice, and I think I would stick with the barley because of its wonderful texture. I had some leftover cooked sliced beef and sausage, so I used both in place of the meat in the recipe, and it was just fabulous. I added some tomato sauce on top as well, and cooked everything on high for exactly 4 hours. Everything was tender and delicious. I can't wait to make this again, and that'll be soon!

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yamakarasu January 17, 2007

I used the ground beef, V-8, and rice options, followed the recipe and added just a touch of marjoram and skipped the tabasco. This was a tasty and hearty soup and I will be making it again. So easy to throw together and enjoy when you come home. I can see why there are differences in the reviews as there are so many variations of stuffed cabbage. This one was very close to the taste of my mom's! Thanks for posting littleturtle. Made for Tis the Season for Giving.

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ElaineAnn December 31, 2010

Really good soup and filling, but not quite the stuffed cabbage taste I was looking for. The kids all added cheese (my daughter said she might try it on top of hot dogs next). Does make a lot which is great with this family of adult kids who can eat a lot! Thanks Littleturtle!

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Buzymomof3 November 07, 2010

First, the modifications: I used 1/3 c brown sugar and 1/3 c lemon juice; I used a Napa cabbage and left out the Tabasco. I added a bay leaf and 5-6 stems of dried thyme. I also used only 32oz of broth, because I wanted something a little thicker. It came out DELICIOUS, and a LOT easier than full-blown stuffed cabbage. I loved the barley (instead of the rice) for the flavor and texture. I got... easily 10-12 meals out of it. I remember my grandmother making a mock stuffed cabbage but making little meatballs; I might try doing that next time instead of browning the meat first.

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DrGaellon September 23, 2010

This has been in my cookbook for a while, and I finally got around to trying it. Love it! I added a bay leaf and some thyme and went with the barley. Simmered mine partially covered on the stovetop for about 3-4 hours instead of using a crockpot, too. Nice, warm and filling with the general flavors of stuffed cabbage. I'll definitely make this again. Thanks for sharing!

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Targetgirl October 18, 2009

LOVED IT!!! I used V-8 and regular sugar and it was delish! Easy too!

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Debutante8 October 17, 2009

Personal taste doesn’t make a recipe bad so I will not rate this but instead tell you our experience. I followed this recipe except for the Tabasco sauce, I was out. I used another hot sauce that my 16 year old son suggested; he is a large consumer of hot sauce. Oh and I used regular sugar. The recipe was simple enough and it smelled good all day when it was cooking. It really is a beautiful dish, I am including a picture, the texture was nice and I personally liked the barley. Though it was not suited to our taste, after the first bite there was a particular sweet flavor that none of us liked, it wasn’t bad just not what we are use too.

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LB in Middle Georgia March 06, 2009

Love, Love, Love this soup!!! The only thing I did different was to use regular sugar (and more of it) & lemon juce, so that it had the sweet & sour flavor that I get when I make stuffed cabbage. This one is a definate keeper and I will be making this often!!!Thanks.

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Michele Lee February 11, 2009

WE LOVED IT! Thanks! I cooked this in a crock pot all day and turned out great! I used some Spicy V8 for a added kick!

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Todd Feldt December 03, 2008

This deserves nothing less than 5 stars. I used 2lbs of ground beef (already cooked and frozen so just needed to defrost), 1 largish vadalia onion, vegetable bouillon instead of beef, brown rice and left out the tabasco sauce. I put it together last night and let it cook while we slept. Upon rising, DH stirred it and let it finish cooking while we go ready for work. We refrigerated during the day and warmed part of it up on the stove for dinner. YUMMMY! DH was thrilled as he was looking for the taste of a soup he had at a restaurant recently. This captured the essence but gave him a heartier 'meal' soup instead of a 'side soup'. Thanks for sharing this!!

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Gabby LSW April 28, 2008
Crock Pot Stuffed Cabbage Soup