Crock Pot Sticky Chicken

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Total Time
8hrs 15mins
15 mins
8 hrs

This chicken turns a beautiful gorgeous brown color and is so moist and delicious.

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  1. Rinse chicken thoroughly and drain well. Pat the chicken with paper towels to dry well. Stuff garlic and orange slices inside chicken.
  2. Spray a 4-6 quart crock pot with nonstick cooking spray and place chicken inside. Combine honey, soy sauce and gingerroot in small bowl and pour over chicken. Cover crock pot. Cook on LOW for 6-8 hours. The chicken should be fork tender and thoroughly cooked; 170 degrees into the leg or thigh on an instant read thermometer.
  3. Remove chicken from crock pot and cover with foil to keep warm. Mix cornstarch and orange juice in small saucepan and add the juices left in the crock pot. Mix well, transfer to a saucepan, and cook over medium high heat until the sauce boils and thickens, stirring frequently. Serve chicken with sauce.