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Very tasty and easy to put together! I made a minor substitution...used ricotta mixed with egg in place of the cottage cheese. I didn't miss the meat in this one at all! Thanks Miss Annie, this will be made often!

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yooper July 11, 2002

This was really yummy! I needed more sauce, though. My spaghetti sauce can was only 26 oz. (ever notice how "they" start w/ large sizes, then gradually get smaller, but keep the price the same??!!) SO - some of my shells burned to the sides of the crockpot. (I was gone all day, or would've checked on it & caught this) Also - when reheating the leftovers, they were kinda dry - so I'd recommended using at least the stated amount of spaghetti sauce. As another note here- my husband hates spinach, and ate these w/o hesitation, as did my ds's (ages 5 & 3) - so this is a "keeper!" Thanks for sharing, Miss Annie! I never tried pasta in the crockpot before. My cousin unexpectedly popped in for lunch, so I heated her a plate, and she is taking home the recipe, too! She LOVED it, as did her 5 yr old DS. So - again, my thanks!

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WJKing November 07, 2002

I had no idea these stuffed shells would turn out so well cooked in a crock pot. Tasted so yummy and with very little time spent in the kitchen. Thanks so much Miss Annie. Very filling and loved that rich cheesy taste.

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Sunflower November 01, 2002

Ok. In order for this to work, you need to initially under cook your shells. I cooked mine al-dente, and they totally mushed out after a few hours in the crock pot. ALSO USE a heavy hand with your cheese and seasonings for the filling,so the flavor of the filling doesn't get lost under all the sauce, and definitely substitute whole milk ricotta for the cottage cheese. I also skipped the onions totally and just flavored the filling with onion powder instead. I will say this is the first time my kids ate spinach, so it is a thumbs up for that. Thanks for a nice recipe!

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choppedliver June 10, 2011

GREAT recipe! I made as directed with just a few changes - substituted ricotta for the cottage cheese, lightly sauteed the onion before adding to stuffing mixture, used cheddar for the mozzerella (what I had on hand), and omitted the italian seasoning and just seasoned with salt & pepper instead. I also used two 25oz jars of our favorite spaghetti sauce just 'cause we like our dishes "saucy". Undercooked the shells just slightly to avoid them turning mushy in the crock. Super Yummy! Received thumbs up rating from young and old in our home! Thanks Miss Annie!

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Girle July 09, 2009

I made this in a baking dish in my oven. It was really good, I added some black pepper, garlic powder, and 3 cheese blend mix, and it worked well. I baked it for about 20 minutes, added a mix of 3 cheese blend again ontop and back in the oven until the cheese melted. Enjoyed by the whole family. Served it with Garlic bread. Thank you, will make it again :)

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daisygrl64 March 02, 2009

Excellent with a few changes. Used ricotta instead of cottage cheese, no onion, and only half the spinach. Next time we will add much more sauce - it was tasty but not saucy enough for us. Also we only boiled the pasta for half the time on the box so the shells were easy to stuff but did become mushy. My teen who resists eating veggies did not even question the "green stuff" and ate it all!

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Craftyteaspoon July 18, 2012

Very good! I didn't think it was bland at all, but then, I use my own spaghetti sauce (6 cloves of garlic!!! Yumm!!) and I followed some other peoples suggestion and substituted ricotta cheese and an egg in place of the cottage cheese. Next time I"ll saute the onions first as they were almost overpowering and I'll use 1/2 the amount of noodles also. Thanks for sharing!

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Brighid May 13, 2009

Loved the idea and it could not be easier to prepare. I used whole milk ricotta instead of the cottage cheese and added some garlic salt to the cheese mixture. While we all enjoyed this we felt it was a tad bland. The family wants me to layer browned ground italian sausage on top of the sauce on the bottom and before the sauce on top.

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Michelle S. February 14, 2009

These were excellent! I've made this several times and it always comes out great. I double the recipe for the filling like another reviewer. Stuffing the shells is quite tedious but the outcome is well worth it! Oh, and I rarely add the onions as I don't think it adds much to the taste. (Take this from someone who loves onions and looks for excuses to add it to my dishes.) I also never use cottage cheese but use ricotta instead.

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ayiti_cherie July 06, 2008
Crock Pot Spinach Stuffed Pasta Shells