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Deelish!!! Used 8 cups peeled peaches, 6 ounces dried bing cherries, and doubled everything else. Three hours on HIGH in my older model crock pot was perfect. It came to a little over three pints, and with 20 minutes in a water bath the result was glorious! It was great being able to use the crock pot simultaneously while I was preparing traditional peach jam on the stove top. Everything came done at once and I was able to shorten my time in the kitchen this way. Thank you Vicki for this lovely recipe! Made for the August '08 Crock Pot Cooking Photo Challenge.

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BecR August 08, 2008

I used 8 cups sliced peaches and doubled the remaining ingredients, adding a 5oz bag of dried cherries. Cooked on LOW in my crockpot for appx 3 hours. This resulted in 3 pint jars, which I canned using a water bath. Didn't taste a peach but did sneak a cherry... YUMMY! I will be making this recipe again!

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Impera_Magna July 25, 2006
Crock Pot Spiced Peaches in Brandy