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This was a very enjoyable stew that I made exactly as posted. It wasn't very complicated, and I was really looking forward to it. Although it was quite tasty, I didn't really get the flavors from the sherry and smoked paprika that I was hoping to. I'm wondering if it needs a bit more of both. The beef came out nice and tender and I especially enjoyed the addition of the turnips. Thanks for sharing!

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JackieOhNo! January 18, 2012

This recipe is a keeper - thanks for posting it! The flavor was off, but that's probably because i wasn't able to follow the recipe word for word. I'm sure that once I get the right combination of spices, it will be delicious.

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Moorea M. November 23, 2010

We really enjoyed this stew. If, like me, you've never tried radishes before, they're worth includin. Raw, they taste like very mild radishes, but cooked they soak up the flavor of the stew and have a texture somewhere between summer squash and potatoes. I did make a few minor modifications. I used a cheap Shiraz (red wine) instead of dry sherry and added about a third of a head of cauliflower. After I had the ingredients in the crockpot, it didn't look like I had enough liquid, so I added about a cup of water. The directions on how to make the tomato/ sherry sauce initially looked quite complicated to me, but it turned out to be easier than I anticipated. Give this recipe a try!

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naturegal07 December 31, 2008

I tried this recipe the other evening.... Now I cut a few corners as I did not have any turnips and I don't care for thyme so my assessment may be slightly off from the chef’s intent. My changes were probably a major ingredient intended to bring this stew to life... but I have to say it stood well with out. Come on it has garlic, nice... This was a great stew and I imagine it would be that much better with the ingredients the chef intended! The leftovers were great the next day for lunch. The family loved it!

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BigJ September 10, 2008
Crock Pot Spanish Inspired Beef Stew