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MMMMmmmmm!! I can't stop eating this right out of the crock! Who needs a tortilla?! I used 2lbs fresh boneless breasts but kept the rest of the ingredients as listed, and it is still almost too juicy. Will be perfect for a rice bowl though. I used the Rotel with lime and cilantro, and i did puree the chipotles -- perfectamundo! I also added a couple Goya brand seasonings that i picked up at the grocery store just out of curiosity, and they added even more flavor. One was "Sazon Goya" with coriander & annatto (2 packets), and the other was Goya Recaito - cilantro cooking base (about 1/4 c.) Wow, is this stuff yummy!!! There is enough for a couple meals, at least, and we'll be making enchiladas, and rice bowls, and eating it with a big fat spoon as is!! Thanks so much for this delicious recipe!!

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vondab64 March 30, 2012

This is a great recipe! I have never used chipotle chiles from a can before, but we really like the flavor of chipotle (we get the chipotle Tabasco, I add chipotle powder when I make chili, and I even have made chocolate chipotle cookies!). I doubled the chicken and used 2 cans of chipotle chiles, but I only used one can each of black beans and corn, and I DID add the 1 can (drained) original-style Rotel. We didn't find it too spicy. In fact, I thought it was perfect (I could see how some might, though). I used your (Lil'Deady) suggestion, and we had this in soft tacos, with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream, and my husband had diced onions in his. The sour cream is a nice contrast. I froze what we didn't eat, so we can have fast shredded chipotle chicken again! You should post more recipes. :) Thanks!

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Greeny4444 December 11, 2010

This was great! I diced the chipotle peppers before I put them into the mix (I did not add the Rotel) and it turned out wonderful! After it was done cooking, I added cooked rice to the mix and made burritos. My husband loved it! The kids thought that it was a little spicy. I will definitely make it again..... soon!!!

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PB & J May 06, 2011

Puree the chipotles and ro-tel. It seems to coat the chicken a little better. You can control the spiciness of the sauce by the type of ro-tel you buy. Our favorite has lime juice in it. Next time I think I will add some fresh chopped cilantro as a garnish. Yes, it is wonderful as a taco, burrito or enchilada filling.

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npp3512007 October 17, 2011

I made this last week and I am making it again today! It was super easy. I put everything in the crock pot, added some minced garlic and some salt free mexican seasoning and went to work. When I got back the house smelled great and the chicken breasts fell apart in the crockpot. I di cook it on high instead of low and it turned out great. I made burritos with it, served it with rice and I am thinking about serving it with pasta too! A keeper and will be in my regular rotation from now on!

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YorkieMom73 February 06, 2011

It was great , I used no salt tomatoes, i doubled the recipe for my larger crock pot and it was ready in about 9 hours . I used the leftovers over pasta / rice it was very filling. Thank you for sharing with us folks on the go who want to come home to a meal that only needs salad and corn bread.

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missjld1947 April 28, 2010

Thank you for this recipe - So good!! Added some Italian herbs and a touch of chili powder (we like it hot) and let it cook for a good 8 hours - turned out beautiful!! Had it with rice, as tacos and now as a salad with lettuce and guac - delicious every time!! I would recommend adding the veggies

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Farheen C. October 20, 2015

Made this for dinner and it was very good. I used Rotel with Lime and pureed it with the peppers. I was hesitant to use all the chipotles, so I only used 4...next time I will use more. I ended up adding a half block of cream cheese and some chipotle hot sauce and it was perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

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RecipeJunkie October 06, 2014

This was good but hot! I only used 4 chipolte peppers. My daughters mouth was on fire and was drinking milk. Lol I gave it to her as a burrito while my husband and I ate it as tostadas. I just added a little cumin and garlic salt. Ate with lettuce, radish, sour cream, cotija cheese, and more salsa.

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seal angel April 17, 2014

Enjoyed it! Very flavorful, this isn't one of those bland tasteless crockpot concoctions. Doubled the recipe, and at first only added one can of black beans and an equal amount of frozen corn (rather than canned with liquid). I did purée the cans of chipotles and would suggest doing so. Drained the Rotel as directed, too. Ended up having to add the additional can of beans and frozen corn before serving as it was too spicy to be enjoyable. So if made as directed, this was perfect for us. It is spicy, though. Spiciness can be toned down serving the mixture over rice, or in a tortilla with rice, sour cream, and cheese. Otherwise, mild Rotel or half the amount of chipotles would still be tasty. Froze half for use later. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama March 03, 2014
Crock Pot Shredded Chipotle Chicken