Crock Pot Root Vegetable Ground Beef Stew

Total Time
10hrs 20mins
20 mins
10 hrs

Got this one from my sister. This is also good made with deer or elk meat. Rutabaga needs to be cut small, because they take longer to cook. All those veggies!!! Has to be good for you!

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  1. Place first 5 ingredients in pot.
  2. Brown ground beef and add to pot.
  3. Add tomatoes and bouillon mixture.
  4. Add seasonings.
  5. Cook on low for 10 hours.
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Good filling stew.Added hot sauce to give it a zip.

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We enjoyed this stew. i skipped the rutabagas and basically guessed at the amounts of the veggies by using 2 potatoes, 2 turnips, 4 carrots and 1 onion. My tomatoes were only 15 oz so added 2 small cans of V-8. Very good and filling. Thanks for sharing!