Crock Pot Rathskeller Pork

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Total Time
6hrs 50mins
20 mins
6 hrs 30 mins
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  1. In large skillet, brown chops in oil on both sides.
  2. Drain off excess fat. Combine undiluted soup with onions, seasoned salt, pepper, and water.
  3. Arrange alternate layers of meat, potatoes, and cabbage in crock pot. Pour soup mixture over.
  4. Cover and cook 4 to 6 hours on low.
  5. Turn to high.
  6. Add cream; cover and cook on high for 20 to 30 minutes.
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Working 12 hour days 7 days a week, I was delighted to return home to a delious meal from my Crockpot. Easy, tasty, and delious are understatements for this recipe!

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I didn't change a thing, but this recipe just didn't work for us. We found it to be very bland. I used thick pork steaks, which turned out very tender, but very dry . I used one can of cr of asparagus soup, but I think the recipe should have called for two, which may have changed the overall dryness of everything. It definetly needed more liquid. The potatoes and cabbage were also lacking flavor. I'm sorry to post a review like this, but we were just so disappointed.

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this is your typical bland german comfort food; edible and very filling.