Total Time
2hrs 30mins
Prep 30 mins
Cook 2 hrs

Another crock pot bread recipe from that I'm planning on trying soon. You'll know I've made it when you see my photo attached to the recipe.

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  1. Stir sugar into warm water in large bowl and sprinkle yeast over top.
  2. Let stand for 10 minutes then stir to dissolve yeast.
  3. Add next 7 ingredients and beat on low to moisten.
  4. Beat on high for 2 minutes.
  5. Stir in second amount of rye flour.
  6. Grease bottom of 3-1/2 quart slow cooker. Turn dough into cooker.
  7. Place 5 paper towels between top of slow cooker and lid.
  8. Put wooden match or an object 1/8-inch thick between paper towels and edge of slow cooker to allow a bit of steam to escape.
  9. Do not lift lid for the first 1-3/4 hours cooking time.
  10. Cook on High for about 2 hours.
  11. Loosen sides with knife and turn out onto rack to cool.
  12. Cut into 14 slices.


Most Helpful

This was an absolutely wonderful recipe! Thanks, Dreamer in Ontario. I did a few things differently, because my house is chilly: 1) heated metal bowl before adding sugar, water & yeast; 2) put bowl on serving tray on slats underneath dining chair; 3) aimed space heater on it, to keep yeast working; 4) used wood cutting board, instead of counter, for mixing bowl; 5) put hot wash cloth on cutting board, so bowl wouldn't get cold; 6) sprayed entire Crock Pot (I have the original, which does not have a removable crock) & sprinkled it with mill-ground cornmeal; 7) heated Crock Pot on HIGH, before dumping in dough; 8) sprinkled top of batter w/cornmeal. This is a very stiff batter bread. The next time I make this (and there WILL be a next time!), I'm going to try basting top of batter with melted butter, to see if that smooths out the texture.

hikerpatTN October 18, 2012

Excellent! I made it exactly according to the recipe -- except I forgot the oil -- and it came out with a nice firm moist crumb and when it cooled, the crust got crisp. If you put in a cold crock pot, then turn it to high, it rises while the pot heats up. AND note that it's no-knead. Got it all goin on!

kathyblake212 February 01, 2015

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