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This is a very good soup! Great to mix up and forget about on a shopping day. I used this basic recipe and then added to it as a way to clean out my refrigerator. I used up some celery that had seen better days. I added some carrots, chives, and onions. Instead of the bacon, I stirred in some leftover ham when I added the low fat cream cheese to the soup. Stirred in a little chuck of Velveeta, I had left too. The leftovers heated up well, too. It was a winner and will be used on a regular basis!

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Watkinslady30 September 23, 2010

This was absolutely awesome. I am so glad I found this recipe. It was easy and incredibly tasty. I chopped up all my veggies the night before and stuck them in the fridge then before dashing out the door to work added everything to my crockpot and let it do the rest. By the time I got home that evening it was ready for the cream cheese. I did it for the most part exactly as directed except I added one can of corn, a few diced carrots and celery stalks as well as added some cooked bacon when I added the cream cheese. Also seasoned it a little for our personal preferences with some garlic salt, pepper and a little paprika. It came out hearty and flavorful. Even better the next day after a long day in the rain for tailgating! Will definitely be making this again and again and again. Thanks for a great recipe.

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PtldGrl September 19, 2010

This was *excellent*. I didn't start it early enough, so I cooked it on the stove for about 4 hours. It is a great recipe - a keeper

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NancyB August 24, 2011

I give this recipe, as written, 3 stars because we thought it was a little bland and didnt quite have that chowder consistency that we like. I did add chopped celery and carrots in the beginning. After letting it sit in the crock for about 5 hours on high and adding in the cream cheese, I tasted it and started adding to what I thought would make it better. I added about 8-9 oz. of velveeta cheese, garlic powder, paprika, dash of hot sauce, italian seasoning, and corn. It was a little thin so after the cheese melted and leaving the top off it thickened a little better but it still wasnt as thick as I prefer my chowders. But it was very good after those additions. Like some others have said, this would be very good with some smoked sausage in it as well. Thanks for the recipe!

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*pink* January 20, 2011

So yummy!!! It was a huge hit, and added to my favorite collection of potato soups!

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fran702 December 11, 2010

I thought this was pretty good, and my boyfriend did, too. I wouldn't like it as much by itself, but in a bread bowl it's delish!

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KSpernak December 07, 2010

Sorry, this is my first review even though I've been serving this delicious soup as it is written for over 2 years. Everyone I make this for absolutely looooooves it. I will caution you not to try to save time by using the bacon bits for salad. It will turn your soup pink and tastes horrible. Make sure to get the cream cheese good and soft and don't just add it to the soup. Instead, do as suggested and ladel a bit of the soup into the cream cheese and mix until creamy. Then pour the mixture into the soup. It turns out thick and creamy everytime. My family likes to put shredded colby/jack on top of it. It reminds us of a baked potato. This soup is so easy to make and such a crowd pleaser; I often make a double batch so that everyone can have some after a fun day of playing in the snow.

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cookiemama83443 January 12, 2012

I grew up eating potato soup and there is just nothing like it! This recipe definitely comes close and best of all, I can use my crock pot! We didn't have enough basic potatoes, so I used about 4 cups of fingerlings (red and purple). I wasn't sure how that was going to work out, but it turned out great! I also substituted cream of celery soup for the chicken soup because we don't really care for the canned chicken soup. Wonderful!

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tamalita62 November 11, 2011

Loved it but made a few changes. I used the large Eckrich turkey sausage links (sliced them)instead of bacon and let it cook in the pot for the last few hours. The flavor this added to the soup was incredible!! Also, it was not as thick as I wanted so we added instant mahed potatoes to the whole pot until the conistency was just right! I added fresh basil from my garden, 1tsp thyme, and I sauteed the onions (used frozen chopped onions for a time saver) with garlic and olive oil til they were slightly browned. I also added 1 can of yellow corn. In my opinion, these change were PERFECT and at the pot-luck I took this to it was gone in minutes!!!!!

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steph8673 September 26, 2011

I posted my review without giving it it's well deserved 5 stars.

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yedenmatka March 21, 2011
Crock-Pot Potato Chowder