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I wanted to like this but I should have known better. Adding the vegetables at the same time as the meat is a HUGE mistake. By the time I served dinner, the apples had turned to applesauce, and the sweet potatoes had turned to mashed potatoes. The veggies were one big goopy mess. The presentation was gross, and resembled pureed meals served at nursing homes to toothless senior citizens. The meat had a great flavor. The tart apples actually infused excellent flavor to the pork. Next time, I will wait and add the veggies 3 hours before serving.

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Spencer #2 February 19, 2014

I thought this was just ok. I doubt I would make it again. My apples and pears seemed to lose all of their flavor and texture after cooking so long and roast seemed a bit dry even though it was soaking in liquid. Not bad and the kids actually ate it. Just not quite what I had in mind. Sauce was nice over brown rice.

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slokiki September 24, 2011

This was so yummy! The pork is extremely tender and we loved the fruitiness of all the flavours. The pear was also wonderful addition. We couldn't find apple cider, I think because it's July... So we used 100% freshly pressed apple juice and this seemed to work out perfectly fine for us. Some crusty bread as suggested would be delicious with this as well I think. Thanks for posting!!

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kelly in TO July 12, 2010

This was a huge hit. The whole house smelled delicious. We liked the sweet potatoes best! I served it with rice pilaf, but I think just a salad and a crusty bread would be great too. Thanks!

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ttreber January 29, 2010

wonderful recipe Sarasota!! I made this for dinner this evening and used a pork tenderloin (YUM!) I also added parsnips to the crockpot..what a wonderful dish this is..thanks much for sharing!

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MaMere January 20, 2010
Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin With Apples and Sweet Potatoes