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what a great dish! I only made a few changes. i seasoned loin with garlic salt, a little jerk season, and cavandar's seasoning. floured it a little bit then seared in a hot pan with olive oil. I deglazed the pan with a can full of water and added it to the crock pot. I added a dash of cayene to the dish. i used about 3 cloves of garlic. We really loved this and will use it again. we used almost a full container of reduced fat sour cream and regular cream of mushroom soup. i might just put 2 cans of soup next time since I like lots of gravy! Thanks for giving us a great easy meal!

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Shawn C July 06, 2010

Kind of bland but I didn't have any jamaican jerk seasoning. Not sure what it is but it probably would have helped. I couldn't convince DH this wasn't tuna casserole.

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sheepdoc December 11, 2011

I'm used to crockpot meals being overally wet. This recipe was too dry, I could smell it starting to burn at 4 1/2 hrs. I couldn't slice the pork, it shredded.. I added water from the noodles for the correct casserole texture. I used a boneless pork loin 2 1/2 lbs.

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lets.eat July 09, 2010

This was tasty. Used thin, boneless chops, fresh mushrooms, jerk marinade, and minute tapioca (all are what I had on hand, to save a trip to the store). Cooked it in my dutch oven at 275 fir 3.5 hours. Turned out a bit on the thick side, so I'll add a bit of broth next time. Thanks for a keeper

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NavyWife'nMom October 27, 2009

Stroganoff isn't one of my favorite recipes, however, this recipe is fabulous! I think the secret is in the jerk spice (I used bottled jerk sauce). I didn't change any ingredients, just adjusted the portions of some; I increased the pork 1/4 lb & doubled the mushrooms. I decreased the noodles 2 oz, cream 1 oz. Oh, I did substitute 1/2 of the cream for yogurt to help cut some fat. My cooker must cook hotter cause I only needed about 3-4 hrs on high. I absolutely enjoyed this recipe, thanks for sharing.

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Mustang Sally 54269 April 18, 2009

Smelled very good while cooking. The pork was very tender and had good flavor but was very salty. I think using reduced sodium cream of mushroom soup would help. The dish had a very nice light cream flavor. Thanks for posting it!

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Pokemom24 February 03, 2008

Hey There- Loved this recipe. Easy to prepare, came home to a wonderful smell and it tasted great. I used a piece of pork tenderloin, I did not have soy sauce so I used Worcestershire, I didnt have canned mushrooms so I used fresh and sub'd chicken broth for the "mushroom liquid". I will be making this again, and again. Thanks for posting. Di

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Dib's October 16, 2006

Wow ! Excellent! I had some boneless pork and did not know what to do. I followed your receipie nearly to a T , except because I had boneless pork pieces, I decided to slice it before it cooked and dumped it all into the crock. That is probably why it only took 3 hours on high. I did not have any jerk seasoning but it was still delicous without it ! Thanks Myra for posting this great, easy, tasted-like-I-slaved recipe!

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TwoKiwi March 12, 2006

I loved this even better than with beef - although I did make a few changes; I used boneless(very lean & tender) pork sirloin and cut it into pieces. I dredged the meat in cornstarch mixed with seasoned salt, pepper, paprika and Vegit (didn't add more salt). I browned the meat with a little olive oil & garlic, then added it to the soup and soya sauce. I simmered it on the top of the stove for 2 hours, then added the sour cream right before seving. I cooked the noodles and served the meat over them. PS: I tried this recipe thanks to Bergy's photo and 5 star review!

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Helen1 January 25, 2006

This deserves 5 stars plus for ease and flavor. Don't think that this is just another soup & pork recipe it is far more with the soup being a neat shortcut built in. The mixture of herbs & spices give a lovely subtle flavor not overpowering to the sauce. A couple of things I did differently - I cut the meat in bit size pieces when I put the pork in the crockpot (I think it would look lovely sliced but this was one step faster), I cooked it on high for 3 hours and on low for 3 hours. I did not add the sour cream as much as I would love it. Thanks Myra for a lovely dinner that will be enjoyed many times in this home.

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Bergy December 31, 2005
Crock Pot Pork Stroganoff