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This is such a flexible recipe. I used boneless pork loin, as the only pork shoulder I could find were about 10+ pounds and I didn't think they would fit in my crock pot. I bought two 1 1/2 pound pork loins. The meat fell apart easily after 7 - 8 hours. The mediterranian flavors weren't as strong as I'd expected them to be, but it was easy to flavor the meat as we ate it. In fact, that worked as an advantage to its flexibility. The first meal, I used it as a gyro. I stuffed it in a pita and topped it with plain yogurt, cucumber and feta. The second meal I combined it with BBQ sauce. It could easily be served on buns, but we served it without. Finally, I used the pork in a "Cuban Wrap". I used a flour tortilla, placed the shredded pork down the middle, topped it with sliced swiss cheese and a "stacker" pickle. I popped it in the microwave and rolled it up. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Julie F February 26, 2009

I rubbed oregano powder into the roast and let it rest for an hour before proceeding with the marinade. The house smelled wonderful all day as this was cooking, and made the best pita sandwiches ever. Thanks PetsRUs, this recipe is a keeper!

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East Wind Goddess February 03, 2008

I cooked this 10 hours so the pork was falling-apart tender. The oregano, mint and basil from the pesto sauce didn't stand out as much as I had expected, with garlic being the dominant taste--this was fine with me. After cooking I spooned the pan sauces over the pulled pork. It tasted fine the first night, but the next day with reheating it was fantastic, well worthy of 5 stars!

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echo echo April 26, 2005

Delish with barbeque sauce on french rolls with chips served with beer and sodas on paper plates - almost like a too-easy meal with hardly any clean up. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ March 12, 2005
Crock Pot Pork Mediterranean Style