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Tastes like an old favorite from a now-closed Chinese restaurant. This is easy and good. I didn't have time to add the peppers late, so I just dumped it all in at the same time and it was great. Also had to use canned diced tomatoes (well-drained) and added a tad of ginger. I also cut the teriyaki sauce in half, added a little soy sauce to make up for it, and used a half package of Splenda instead of brown sugar. The sauce is delicious on rice. Will definitely make over and over again! Thanks for sharing this one!

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rather be at the barn... January 14, 2010

This pepper steak is terrific! I used round steak because it's what I had and I added fresh grated gingeroot to the sauce. I diced my onion and put it in with the tomatoes and used a little more brown sugar than called for. I took the skins off my tomatoes before dicing them (I used 2 large) ,so the peels wouldn't be in the gravy. I added more red pepper flakes and added a can of drained water chestnuts in with the bell peppers (I used red, green and yellow peppers). I also added in some sesame oil. I loved using teriyaki sauce and Worcestershire sauce-it was so tasty! I served it over steamed jasmine rice with egg rolls on the side. The thinner sauce was not a problem-it was great because the rice soaked up all the wonderful juices! Thank you ! I think this will replace my other pepper steak recipe! I would give more stars if I could. The cooking time is perfect and that's not the case with so many recipes! If you try this, you will not be disappointed!

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bad kitty 1116 August 26, 2009

This pepper steak is the best....wonderful flavor and I loved the fact that it is made in the crock pot....how easy is that! I loved the fact that the sauce was thinner, because as you mentioned, it is fabulous for dipping crusty bread in it. What a wonderful meal we had. Thank you so much, Denise!

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Merlot July 14, 2009

Delicious and so easy to prepare. I did sautee the meat. I added everything at the same time into the crockpot. This is delicious.

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Amber of AZ February 22, 2012

Spicy but addicting! This has the perfect taste, not too spicy and not too blah! The gravy was really good to mix in with the noodles, DH loved the gravy so much he drank the leftover from the pan! LOL! (I cooked in a pan since I didnt have time to crock pot it.) This may be on the menu every other week now, it was so easy and delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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mommi2juju January 06, 2011

Made this recipe for the family and it seemed like something was missing. If I ever decide to make it againg I might add some pineapple to it to sweetin it up a little. I will update this if I do.

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Chefto3 April 12, 2009

This was a perfect recipe for my Hubby's birthday feast. He requested that I prepare a Chinese-style buffet for the almost 30 guests. Having a recipe that I could pop into the crockpot and forget was a lifesaver. The flavor of this pepper steak is right on. I didn't have the fresh tomatoes, though. Instead, I stirred some tomato paste in with the broth. I won't wait for a party to make this again. We really enjoyed it.

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Ms B. March 25, 2007
Crock Pot Pepper Steak