Crock Pot Orange-Curry Chicken With Sweet Potato Pilaf

Total Time
6hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 6 hrs

This dish came from a long stare into the pantry trying to put together a meal when I didn't have enough sweet potatoes for all 6 of us and couldn't get to the store. But I had a bunch of little oranges the kids weren't eating. Sometimes necessity is delicious. ;) It's not as involved as the long ingredient list looks and I'm sure it would be easy to halve if you're not feeding a big family with hungry teens.

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  1. Toss together all the pilaf ingredients except the chicken stock.
  2. Spread the pilaf in the bottom of a 6 qt, oval crock pot.
  3. Stuff the chicken cavities with 4 orange chunks and 2 onion quarters.
  4. Place the chickens into the crock pot on top of the pilaf.
  5. Sprinkle each chicken with a pinch of celery seed, a pinch of cumin, and 1/2tsp of curry powder.
  6. Pour the chicken stock into the pot, being careful to not wash the seasoning off the chicken.
  7. Since the crock pot will be very full, cook for 3-4 hours on high to get the middle heated quickly then turn down to low for another 4-5 hours.


Most Helpful

Followed the directions exactly. This was easy to make. It was almost edible. Not really much flavor, just some heat. I was expecting a little more orange flavor. It pretty much turned into a giant mush mess in my crockpot. It may be better if it was cooked at a higher heat just until the rice and chicken are cooked. I would not reccommend this recipe.

IAteMyGluestick March 23, 2008

I modified this by using boneless skinless chicken breasts, which I sprinkled with the seasonings. I accidentally used glutinous (sticky) rice but it still turned out yummy! I think the pilaf is the highlight of the recipe--love the bits of sweet potato. I used lemon juice instead of orange juice and left out the oranges. I really like the flavors of the cumin and curry.

Marla Swoffer March 09, 2007

This was easy to put together. (I used the amount of rice called for, but only made one chicken). The end result was tasty, but I think some orange zest stirred into the rice at the end would add a little extra zing! And some extra curry powder just before serving, since spices tend to fade when cooked that long. I will make this again. Thanks for posting!

Outta Here February 05, 2007

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