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I've made onion confit many times, always using a crock pot. The recipe has varied, from this one, to several of the others on Recipezaar, to a whole series from a 90 page discussion on onion confit at eGullet.com!! The basic idea is "onion + oil + aromatic(s)". Aromatics have included white and/or red wines, champagne, cognac, herbs and spices (e.g., rosemary), fruit (e.g., oranges). The result is always amazing ... If you are adapting a different onion confit recipe to crockpot, remember that you will probably need to reduce the liquid you're adding ... or increase the cooking time. I've seen crockpot confit recipes that go out to 18-24 hours at low heat ... and the resulting confit is like liquid gold, whether on a pizza, as a base for onion soup, or as an accompaniment to a wonderful meat ... Thanks, s'kat, for a wonderful recipe ... and the basis for so many more!

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Gandalf The White November 18, 2009

S'kat, these were awesome. I used half white onions and half yellow. None of them were sweet onions. I subbed 2 Tablespoons of fresh thyme for the dried, but otherwise made no changes. These were awesome on a toasted baguette with some chevre.

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moxie September 29, 2004

I enjoyed this. Essy prep although I thought I would die from peeling onions...smile! Great base for onion soup which I made the next day. Great recipe!

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trick September 24, 2004
Crock Pot Onion Confit