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This is an awesome recipe. I've made it more then 5 occasions. The only thing I changed is that I add some fresh ground pepper. I've also chopped up the leftover pork and made a casserole with the gravy simply by adding some peas and carrots and topped with garlic mashed potato. Sooo yummy.

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Stacey Dee May 17, 2011

I tried out this recipe on my family last night - So glad that I did, they loved it- I cooked 2 1/2lbs of tenderloin so there is enough left over for a pulled pork kind of thing for another night- I served it with super creamy mash that mingled well with the delicious gravy- I served steamed green beans as a side vegetable- I added only about 6oz of fresh mushrooms (all I had in the fridge) and the resulting gravy was a perfect consistency- All plates were clean at the end of the meal- I have written out the recipe and added it to my "go to" box of dinner solutions- This site is brilliant!

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Deborah R. January 09, 2014

Saw this in Taste of Home and tried it. Excellent easy recipe. I omitted the fresh mushrooms called for here..they aren't in the recipe version I have and I thought they would give off too much liquid and make the gravy too thin. I sprinkled Emeril's Essence and pepper on my tenderloins and browned them in some olive oil before adding them to the crock pot. Used the 3 soups called for, adding some minced garlic and Worcestershire sauce. Mine were done in about 3 1/2 hrs....don't overcook or they will shred up and you won't be able to slice them. Served with buttermilk mashed potatoes and a veggie blend. I will be making these again. Could prob use a pork loin roast or pork chops too as it makes a lot of wonderful gravy.

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bad kitty 1116 August 07, 2013

Really good! I'm not huge on using canned soups in recipes, but I have to admit this made a yummy gravy. Lots of yummy gravy. Actually too much as I ended up throwing a lot of it out, but I hated to make it without one of the kinds of soup. I had a 1.7 pound pork tenderloin and it was super after 5 hours on low. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It was enjoyed by all at our house.

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CarlyJax June 28, 2011

This was absolutely delicious! And talk about easy! The mix of the 3 differnt soups mad ethe most savory gravy! The only thing I changed was that I motted the actual mushrooms (personal prefernce). This is true keeper! Thanks for sharing Bonnette! Made for Newest Zaar tag.

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jkoch960 July 23, 2009
Crock Pot Mushroom Pork Tenderloin