Crock Pot Minestrone

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Total Time
8hrs 20mins
20 mins
8 hrs
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  1. add all ingredients except rice to crock pot.
  2. Cover; cook on low 8 to 10 hours[high 4 to 5 hours] Add cooked rice and stir to combine.
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Very good but I think next time I'll use macaroni though. Thanks for sharing!

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As is this is a good, easy recipe. I love soup in the crockpot, it makes the house smell so good, and feels so warm in your tummy. That being said, tonight I made it on the stove and used extra zucchini, extra celery, extra carrots and used two jarred roasted red bell peppers instead of the one fresh it calls for, and this was FABULOUS - without the noodles or rice! Delicious and CORE if you are doing WW!

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Good recipe and very quick and easy to put together. Love the fact it could sit in the crock pot all day and no tending on the stove. DH who is not a minestrone fan said he liked it and make it again, so that is a good sign!