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This was ridiculously easy to make and my husband and I literally ate it (and enjoyed it) for DAYS. A meal that tastes good as leftovers is always a winner in my book, but this has the added bonus of being super easy to make. How would I not give it five stars!?

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Rikki Lynn November 11, 2010

Used a 24oz jar of Pace mild salsa. Roast had been seared on the stovetop. We did three cans of black beans due to our preference of ratio between meat and beans. No cheese because of allergy restrictions.

This was VERY tasty all by itself. It's also great as a burrito/taco filling, as part of naked burritos, as a sandwich filler (like barbeque sandwiches), and in quesadillas. Plan to add this to my versatile frozen meat mixes (chicken, hamburger) for speeding up last-minute meals. Next time I plan on utilizing dry beans rather than canned beans.

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O-mama March 23, 2012

Absolutely delicious. Crowd pleaser! Next time I will use spicier salsa. We loved it over rice.

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vrvrvr November 10, 2013

I really liked this but did not add the chilis because my salsa was spicy enough. I think this would be good with corn in it as well.

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cynthia912 November 11, 2011

This had really good flavor and it was SO easy! I have been canning my own meat for over a year now, and used two pint-sized jars of home-canned pork roast and broke it up. Since the meat was already cooked, it was just a matter of warming it up and letting the flavors meld. My husband had some on tortillas, and I had mine over left-over polenta and corn - yum! We even forgot the cheese, and it was still delicious. Try it over polenta. You'll love it!

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charlie #5 August 07, 2010

SUPER AWESOME!!! I used a 2 pound pork tenderloin and doubled the salsa and beans. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cooked this for 1 hour on high and 2.5 on low. My pot cooks quite hot. Perfect!

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RedVinoGirl July 01, 2010

I would give this more than 5 stars if I could - This is such a simple, straightforward, versatile recipe that is so good - the scent in the house was wonderful - I had it tonight with rice steamed baby carrots & green beans. Tomorrow I will fill corn tortillas, spoon sauce over them and top with Monterey cheese and I still have enough to freeze one dinner for another treat! The pork was lucious tender and moist and the flavor was perfect for my taste buds - Sincerly Audrey thank you for a" I don't feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen" day recipe. I know it will freeze well. This is comfort food for sure I would serve this to guests as well - All round winner 25 Jan 09 Made again and enjoyed just as much - The photos are a bit better this time too!

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Bergy January 25, 2010

This is an awesome meal on a cold winter night. My husband wasn't thrilled when I mentioned the ingredients. He and my daughter could not stop eating it. I used pinto beans instead and mashed them into the sauce that was left in the crock pot after taking the meat out to rest. We shredded the meat and mixed it with the "beans" and made tacos and burritos with all the fixings. So simple and so tasty! Definitely a keeper!

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laughingdogs January 14, 2010

After reading comments, cooked 2 pieces of pork loin roast -- total of just over 2 lbs. After 5 hours, cut one up using my kitchen shears in the crockpot. Was surprised at how quick the beans get to a boil at high setting -- a time to watch the pot. The stew is easy, and can have as much flavor as you wish -- play around with the salsa -- we used Pace Mild (it was on sale!) and added a bit of more spicy salsa and sour cream at the table. The 1 lb. we are using will make about 4 servings over brown rice for the two of us. The other half we will use to "shred" and make enchiladas later (into the freezer now). Wonderful to get so many meals with so little preparation and effort.

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Kauaian cook September 26, 2006
Crock Pot Mexican Pork