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This was great!! Since it is just me and my DH (DS too little to eat this) I had to scale back. I used 1 lb ground sirloin, about 1/3 of an onion, 1 egg, 1/2 cup each milk and oatmeal, 1/2 pckg taco seasoning, 1/3 tsp cumin and about 1 cup of salsa. I didn't measure the cheese, just used enough to cover the top. I put it in a oval crockpot as directed and cooked on high for 3 hours and then on low for 2 hours. It was done before my DH got home so I switched to the "keep warm" setting for about an hour and a 1/2. It was not dry at all!! This was so good we ate in trotillas with sourcream and additional cheese as well as with tortilla chips. Will be making this again! Made for Spring 2008 PAC.

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AZPARZYCH April 29, 2008

I love my crockpot, love meatloaf & love nearly all things Tex-Mex. I tagged this recipe mostly to ck out the cooking method & even that was a huge success! Despite your caution & for just 2 of us, I made only 1/4 of the recipe & it worked great when I reduced the cooking times to 2 hrs on High & 1 1/2 hrs on Low + 1/2 hr after adding the cheese. The meat was done, gooey w/cheese (I added extra) & the loaf well-formed & just starting to develop a slight crunch on the bottom & edges. I scooped it out of the crockpot & made nachos & generously stuffed burritos. Both were yummy! Not sure of course, but I think if left to cool a bit & then cut in chunks, you could almost get the more typical sliced meatloaf serving if desired. Per your suggestion, I served it w/a mixed greens salad w/avocado & tomato. We loved the entire meal! Kudos for a great full-of-flavor recipe made crockpot easy. It's a keeper for us. Thx for sharing it.

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twissis January 27, 2007

This was DELICIOUS. We used the HOT Pace picante sauce and HOT & SPICY taco seasoning. Definitely had some heat and was delicious with rice and sauteed sweet peppers. It's not taco meat, so expect a different consistency. I used 2 eggs when I halfed the recipe, and it worked just fine. YUM indeed!<br/><br/>Half of this recipe:<br/><br/>2 lbs ground beef (we opted for no turkey meat)<br/>1 onion<br/>1/2 c. oatmeal<br/>2 eggs<br/>1/2 c. milk<br/>1 package HOT & SPICY taco seasoning<br/>1/2 teaspoon cumin<br/>1/2 jar HOT Pace picante salsa<br/>um. lots of cheese<br/><br/>I also was unable to be at home to change the heat settings, but I left it to cook on LOW for about 11 hours (long day at work) and it was still just delicious. :) So for those that work, this recipe will still work for you!

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Ashley R. October 18, 2013

Was gonna cut this back for the 2 of us but then needed something to take to a park-wide potluck & since this seemed such an unusual dish, well . . . Turned out great & most everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot! At least the pot was empty when we left to come home! Loved the flavor of this meatloaf, & now I just have to cut it back so I'll have just one or two meals from it! Thanks for the very nice recipe! [Made & reviewed in I Recommend recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike July 23, 2011

This was certainly easy to put together. I used only one pound of beef and ended up cooking it on low for 4-5 hours. But the taste was only okay, won't likely make again.

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deepfreeze February 24, 2011

I was hurrying to put this recipe and put the salsa in with the meat mixture. To compensate, I poured a little extra over the meatloaf. It STILL turned out great! I used mild salsa and kept the serving size the same

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Girle August 02, 2008

We loved this dish! I halved it because I have a smaller round crockpot and it was enough for 4 people. I used some leftover Habanero salsa and it was too hot! I still ate it anyway, heh heh. Next time I will use medium. I would not change the recipe one bit, it is great as it is! Thank you 3 KillerB's this will be a regular in our house.

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yaya78006 September 20, 2007

Outstanding crockpot dish.

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Harley39 January 29, 2007
Crock Pot Mexican Meatloaf