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When I made this recipe a few months ago, it didn't turn out good at all. I put it together in the morning and then left for work. My husband went home for lunch that day and called me to ask if the crockpot was supposed to be dry? Come to find out it was ready to eat right then? Four hours before I was ready. I checked all the settings and I had it on low. I still don't exactly know what the problem was. But, I would like to try it again. Only, I think I will do it on a weekend!

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Ann K February 26, 2003

The rice turned to mush and the chicken tasted like glue.

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daniel.goduti November 03, 2005

I made a few adjustments to this recipe. Those were, I added more water(3 cups total), I used garlic powder instead of cloves and used instant instead of wild rice because those were the things I had on hand. I also cooked it for 30 minutes on high and 5 hours on low-which was perfect timing for my crockpot. The chicken was good, but it didn't have a real strong flavor, while the rice was very lemony! That may have been caused by the changes I made in ingredients, so, I will probably give this another try using exactly what the recipe calls for! Thanks for sharing, MrsSPheonix!

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~cbw~ October 19, 2003
Crock Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken With Wild Rice