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This is amazingly good and simple to make. I added mushrooms to the sauce, used diced tomatoes instead of tomato sauce which is what I had, and added more tomato paste to make up the difference. Also did not have the fat free mozerella cheese, so I did without. Still very good. When making the cottage cheese filling, I also beat in one egg and added some dried basil since that is how I usually make my ricotta filling. I was really suprised how good it was being made in a crockpot. Thanks!

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Heidy S. December 08, 2007

I really, really enjoyed this meal. I am not a fan of ground turkey, so I did substitute lean ground beef. There was only one thing I could possibly complain about...I noticed that it got a little dry. I would make mine a little saucier. But still an amazing dish. Will use it again and again and again...

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pookiebooty2000 August 11, 2007

The stubborn skeptic in me said lasagna in the crockpot was going to be terrible, but I decided to take a chance based on the reviews posted here. I substituted fat-free ricotta cheese for the cottage cheese and didn't have fat-free parmesan so I used regular. I put it all in the crockpot and went out to run some errands. When I walked back into the house the aroma was so amazing and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted as good as it smelled (I've often experienced things that smelled great cooking in the crockpot but ended up tasting like dirt). I will probably kick up the seasoning a bit next time and continue with the adjustments I made this time but all in all this was excellent and will become a staple in my rotation.

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gadgetman0404 August 05, 2007

Great WW friendly recipe when you're craving comfort food! I made this last night for my kids and their babysitter, and they wolfed it down. It was easy to prepare and the house smelled great! I thought it tasted good too! When I make this again (for dh and I), I will doctor the sauce and add more garlic, a little sugar, and some more herbs.

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A la Carte May 17, 2007

First an apology: in the rush of tired kids and cooking the previous evening I instructed Hubby to take a package of turkey breast out of the freezer.. it was frosted over, DH said "this one?" I said "ÿes" since it was where I had put it week before and he shoved it in the bottom of the fridge to thaw. Next day: horrors it's actually ground beef that DH had moved around to make space in the freezer and the turkey was still in there frozen solid, so I took a majour liberty and used the beef instead. Then I saw in step one the instruction: "brown ground beef".. so was a little confused but thought it wouldn't matter after all. We liked this... Hubby, the very tough rater-of-Pasta in this house, declared it "very edible indeed" and was pleased to finish the rest of it next day as well. He did however mention that he prefers some veggies in his lasagne layers (I do that in my own recipes). I couldn't find whole wheat lasagne noodles so used spinach flavoured ones, and since my crockpot only has one setting, I think I would cut back my 5 hour setting to 4 next time as it was sticking a bit around the edges. Please see my rating system: a lovely easy recipe that I would happily make again. Thanks!

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kiwidutch January 30, 2007
Crock Pot Lasagna