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I've cooked Bell Peppers in the crockpot before and have always burned the bottoms and sides. Thanks for giving me a solution to at least half that problem! Put the tops of the pepper in the bottom of the pot and the stuffed peppers on top of the tops! Thanks!

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John Thomas August 31, 2001

We loved this! The only change I made was using chicken broth and skipping the cumin -- served with green beans for a great middle-of-the-week supper. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ August 20, 2009

Being that Easter is around the corner, local grocers are carrying ground lamb; I had never worked with it, so I decided to try it and use this recipe. My SO gave it the thumbs up, but I wasn't too impressed. This was my first endeavor in stuffed peppers as well as ground lamb and I could really take it or leave it. We both agreed that the sauce was really good. Thanks for sharing, I'm sure we will be making it again.

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Courtney Elizabeth March 01, 2008

I cannot believe this!!!! These are "right from the oven" tasty and the ease from "made in a crockpot" Noone would know unless you told them. The trick to putting the tops under was perfecto! No burns and no mush.Not only did my house smell fantastic but the blend of flavors and the way all the juices were incorporated was phenomenal! Bergy, you have a hit at my house and the only way I will make stuffed lamb peppers from now on in a crock. This rivals my mother and yiaYia's for flavor but the ease was the topper. This is saved permanently. Thank you.

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Chef1MOM-Connie December 16, 2007

An oh-so-easy and totally delicious crockpot meal which I'll be making again and again during the winter months. I used red peppers (a personal taste preference) and homemade chicken stock (slightly less than the cup of stock, so that I could include a couple of tablespoons of white wine) and I added 6 cloves of minced garlic to the chopped onions, but I otherwise followed the recipe. Since I find that tomato paste can disagree with me, I used an Australian bush tomato spice in place of the tomato paste (this has become a regular substitution for me) as it is very flavoursome and has nothing of the sharpness of tomato paste. I also doubled the cumin, as we love cumin. These peppers smelt so wonderful all the time that they were cooking. Just an added bonus! They were so superbly flavorsome and the sauce was delicious: an absolute joy to eat! I'll be making them again soon, and I’m really looking forward to trying them next time with chicken mince. Thanks Bergy for a super recipe, and that nifty trick for successfully cooking stuffed peppers in the crockpot! This is my last Pick a Chef 2006 recipe to be made. And I'm just SO glad that I selected this one!

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bluemoon downunder June 01, 2006

I had reviewed this recipe when it was first published, and yesterday I decided to make it again using chicken instead of lamb, and I found my review was not published .. this is an outstanding recipe that is simple to put together and very tasty! I made the original, and I also tried it using chicken instead of lamb, and chicken stock .. it was excellent! thanks

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najwa December 07, 2003
Crock Pot Lamb Stuffed Green Bell Peppers