Crock Pot Lamb Shank

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READY IN: 10hrs 15mins
Recipe by Food Alchemy


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  1. Rub lamb shank with ample amount of sea salt, pepper, Cheyenne pepper and two tea spoons of olive oil. Let it sit in a zip-loc bag over night or for 8 hours.
  2. Dice several bulbs of garlic and put into fry pan.
  3. Dice one sweet onion.
  4. Dice golden and red potatoes in halves or thirds.
  5. Dice carrots.
  6. Throw the diced items into the fry pan at medium and stir occasionally so items are evenly golden brown.
  7. Remove diced items and place them in the crock pot.
  8. Take the lamb shank and place in fry pan at medium high rotating it enough to get the outside a light golden brown as to seal juices inside.
  9. Remove the lamb shank from pan and place on a hard surface (cutting board) and make slits in the shank with a knife.
  10. 1 Press the remaining fresh slices of garlic and rosemary into the slivers (a garlic slice in one sliver and a small fig of rosemary in another sliver).
  11. Place shank into crock pot.
  12. Take a bottle of your favorite red wine and pour just enough into the pan to break down the brown bits in the pan and gather other vegetable residue into the wine.
  13. Pour the wine from the pan into the crock pot with the lamb (add a little more wine from the bottle if you wish).
  14. Add a cup of water to the mix in crock pot and gently stir.
  15. Add a pinch of cumin and three or four bay leaves into mix and gently stir.
  16. Cook lamb shank for 10 hours in crock pot until done.

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