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This was easy and good, but there was too much garlic and shallot for our tastes. Next time I will reduce both. I used boneless skinless chicken breasts, and it finished cooking after a couple hours. Everything was super tender. After tasting, I added a little less than a TB of tomato paste for a little bit more flavor. Since it cooked so quickly, it had to be refrigerated until dinner. The flavors mellowed, it thickened, and it was quite tasty. Thank you for the recipe!

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Kiko January 09, 2007

This made a delicious & hearty meal. The package of chicken breasts I used had 3 in it, so I also increased the turkey sausage. I removed the sausage from its casing before browning it (DH doesn't like the texture of sausage casings), and I didn't use the red wine (we don't care for wine in cooking). The chicken was literally falling off the bone and the bones were nearly disintegrating when this was done cooking. Before serving it, I removed the chicken from the bone, cut (more like shredded it was so tender) it up and added it back into the crockpot. The broth was thick & very flavorful, and I served the cassoulet with crusty multi-grain rolls and green beans. Very easy recipe to throw together & let cook all day. Thanks, Miraklegirl - I know this will become a regular! -M =)

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Mary Scheffert September 11, 2006
Crock Pot Kinda Cassoulet