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Love that you can choose which frozen veggies used. My family of carnivores found the soup to be hearty and tasty. I left half of the leftovers in the fridge for their "grab and run" meals. Make sure you remove the bay leaf when it is finished cooking. I accidentally left a bay leaf in leftovers. Still good, but a bit strong the next day.

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Jean in Alvin July 22, 2013

Although I was a bit disappointed in the result it was ok. My husband enjoyed it more than I did. To me it tasted very sweet, not sure why as I had a glass of the vegetable juice before making it and it didn't taste sweet. I cooked it on top of the stove and perhaps didn't give it enough time but after simmering for an additional 2 hours the next day I didn't notice any difference. I should have started with the part I really liked. It is incredibly easy and quick to prepare. On a tired morning it would be great to throw this in the crock pot. I did add some water the next day and I liked that better, chicken stock would be even better. I also added some fresh pressed garlic and pepper. Next time I will make those changes and only use half the amount of mixed veg. It is certainly worth trying again. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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GaylaV August 08, 2009

I love a good soup on a cold day! I skipped the bay leaves and the salt and used pepper. I also chopped up an onion and used fresh garlic plus the garlic powder...lol. I cooked this overnight in my crock and had some for breakfast...I couldn't resist! Thanks so much for posting! :)

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mydesigirl January 17, 2008

Great dish, especially for someone who is dieting and calorie counting. Very hearty and filling. I have made this three times now with many variations: V8's Spicy Vegetable juice with some Soymage sprinkle cheese is my favorate. To reduce calories even more, substitute 8 oz of vegetable juice for 8 oz of Braggs Amino Acids (I love my Amino Acids, so you may want to water it down a bit). Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of cumin and 1 tablespoon of ginger (w/Braggs Amino Acids) to existing recipe for a more Thai/Chineese flavor. A phenominal staple in helping me shed those pounds, satisfy my hunger, and get the proper nutrition. Thanks for Sharing!

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Courtney Elizabeth October 16, 2007
Crock Pot Hearty Hobo Soup - Vegetarian