Crock Pot Curried Turkey

READY IN: 29mins
Recipe by Pierre Dance

This one is so easy to throw together and tastes so good. The only hastle is the Side Boys, SO, Invite your friends over for dinner, give them a drink and put them to work preparing Side Boys. That's why there are bar stools on the other side of the counter. In all truth, communal food preparing goes back to our prehistory, it is a great way to grow closer.

Top Review by brennmi

This sure wakes up your taste buds! Decided to make this after finding 2 very large turkey thighs in the freezer dated Nov.2010. I used only 4 teaspoons of curry powder and 1/4t of Penzeys Aleppo pepper. Just right for our taste. I started it on Hi for 1 hour, but at the end of 3 hours on low, the meat still felt too firm. Continued to cook it on Hi for another 2 hours. Perfect. This might also benefit from a bit of yogurt or coconut milk stirred in at the end, but I haven't tried that as yet. This one's a keeper.

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  1. ***SideBoys*** grated hard boiled Eggs, some seperate the whites and yolks, some do not.
  2. crumbled crisp Bacon, Chutneys, hot and tart or mild and sweet, as with most things home made is best.
  3. Scallions, finely chopped, mostly whites plus a little green.
  4. chopped nuts, Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, what have you. Mix amd match.
  5. very small Pineapple pieces, toasted Coconut, sliced Banana, sauted in olive oil with a bit of Garlic, Pickled Jalapenos, finely minced, remove the seeds to reduce the heat if you chose.(I suffer from JDS-- Jalapeno Deprivation Syndrome) I must constantly nibble on them or I suffer badly.
  6. ***NOTE***After handling chilies wash your hands with cold water and Baking Soda to nutralize the acids in the juices. You can flush your eyes with this mixture if you inadvertently get juice in them. Flush with cold water when through.
  7. Put everything except the Turkey and the Side Boys in the crock pot, Mix well.
  8. Submerge the thighs in the pot.
  9. Cover and cook on low heat for 4 hours.
  10. Carefully lift out the thighs, cool to handling temperature, debone, and cut into bite size pieces, return to the pot for 30 minutes to rewarm.
  11. Serve over white Basmati Rice.
  12. Top with your favorite Side Boys.

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