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LOVE this super simple soup recipe! Read some of the other reviews, decided to double the recipe. I added 3 gloves of garlic as one reviewer suggested, and the six cups of mushrooms both button and baby bellas. I also used one cup of marsala wine in place of 1 cup water. I also experienced the break down of the sauce, but continued to stir occasionally, and heat on low 6-7 hours, and everything came together very nicely. This soup was delicious the first day (I had to try it!), but it was phenomenal the second day! A definate keeper and thanks for sharing!

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chef11943 November 19, 2012

Preparation was not difficult, but the sauce broke while heating in the crockpot. I had to strain out the mushrooms and use my immersion blender to smooth things out. Perhaps adding the cream just before serving would have helped. I liked the sour cream flavor, but there was too much of a residual flour taste.

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Kate 8:) March 21, 2010

i used 2 veggie chicken broth cubes instead of the can of broth and left to simmer on low overnight instead of turning up the temp. i also added 3 cloves of garlic to the onions and mushrooms while frying and a bit of basil and dill instead of the parsley. used more like 3 Tbs margarine as i prefer things less greasy. in my teflon pan this was no problem and the mushroom liquid made up for it. actually used full fat sour cream for once. at some point i might try adding some shitaki's or barley to this for a cross between mushroom barley stew and cream of mushroom soup. this curdled badly as it cooled and never smoothed out again so next time i'll do a half batch to skip the leftovers. i think this might thicken more evenly with corn starch instead of flour but i've never had much luck thickening anything with flour. overall this was ok but i think it would have been better on the stove.

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spiritussancto December 16, 2009

WOW! that's really all i can say and trust me i'm never at a loss for words! i've been searching for a good cream of mushroom soup for yrs and now my search is over. this is not only a delicious recipe but it's so simple. i halved the recipe because i'm the only one in the house who likes mushrooms. i used 1 lb sliced mushrooms, 1 cup water, enitre can of broth and cooked it all on the stove. omitted the parsley just because i couldn't find it. thank you for such an awesome soup recipe!

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snmplus3 October 26, 2009

My family loved this and so did I because it just simmered away all afternoon without me. I did use 2% Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream (what I had in the house) and it turned out just fine. Used veggie broth for the house vegetarian.

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JD's K9 Queen March 07, 2008

I liked this soup creamy soup. But I don't care for the sour cream in it; I think it takes away from the mushroom flavor. I even used just 1 c of lite sour cream, but that seemed too much. Next time, I'll omit sour cream entirely. (My 4 yr old surprisingly likes this soup too.)

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AngieME July 12, 2007

I also used 6 cups of mushrooms, I used 1 less cup of water and left in all of the broth, otherwise it would not have been thick enough. I served it in individual small bread bowls ... It was excellant. I also tried some with velveeta cheese mixed in and that was also very good. The taste was very nice. -

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cookie gramma March 07, 2007

I prepared this in the same manner as Parsley. A very delicious mushroom soup! Love the hint of nutmeg! I used 6 cups of mushrooms, too! Thanks for sharing this recipe! cg ;)

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COOKGIRl October 12, 2006

This is a thick and creamy comfort soup! I did it on the stove top (as you said I could)...and I simmered it for 30 minutes. I used 6 cups of sliced mushrooms as you mentioned that you did. I'd highly recommend using the 6 cups. When I added the 4 cups of water, I added chicken boullion to it, and omitted the can of chicken broth at the end. I'm glad I did....the soup got so thick and creamy....and I even used reduced fat sour cream! I'll make this again; thanx for sharing it.

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*Parsley* December 03, 2005

I had really high hopes for this recipe but it just didn't work out. I followed the directions but I honestly think this is better made outside of a crockpot. I feel like the dairy curdled while in the crock pot for that long. The sauce broke and I ended up throwing all of it out :(

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amynxdx November 12, 2014
Crock Pot Cream of Mushroom Soup