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This was great, enjoyed by everyone that ate it tonight. I'm not really sure why I hadn't made it sooner. Next time, I think that I will use white wine instead of chicken broth and add some mushrooms and julienned carrots & zucchini with the onion mixture. I think that it would taste alot like the French Chicken Tonight Sauce then.

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Mysterygirl June 08, 2002

Awesome recipe. I saved the sauce to use as an Alfredo sauce. It really does taste like Alfredo sauce but much richer and MUCH easier! Whole family loved it, even my toddler who "only likes chicken nuggets and ketchup".

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Rita H. July 26, 2015

I had made a version of this recipe (also got it from a nurse!) before and my family loved it so I did a quick google search and this recipe popped right up. There was one major difference between this version and the one I have and that is that in mine, everything cooks together. I've found that it takes about 4 hours total and makes the chicken just fall apart. No worries about it drying out. As other reviewers have noted, you definitely need to serve it over something starchy like egg noodles or rice- I've used both and they're both good. Thanks for posting so I didn't have to go by memory again!

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sheenamarie23_8052078 January 06, 2014

This is a really excellent recipe. I used chicken legs to be more frugal, after I cook the chicken I drained off the excess juice and then added in the sauce and continued cooking. I felt like the sauce needed to cook more then one hour, I left in on for two. I also added in freshly grated Parmesan cheese about a 1/4 cup in the sauce prior to cooking. I really enjoyed this recipe and it will be a regular for dinner in the future

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smboule December 21, 2013

This was a big hit with my picky children and my recent cooking ventures. I substitued the italian dressing for ranch adding it to the sauce and applied it to the chicken. I also added sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers and egg noodles (adding the noodles for the last 25 minutes). My husband told me to keep this in the rotation as did my children.

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Monica W. November 05, 2013

OMG OMG OMG THIS WAS AMAZING!!!! I doubled the recipe! But when I doubled it, instead of putting 1 cup of chicken broth, I did 1/2 broth & 1/2 dry white wine! PERFECT!! Don't use chicken pieces with BONES!!! They will fall apart and you will have to search for bones!! I cut up bite size pieces of chicken, I also added a TON of mushrooms, garlic and some chives. If you aren't into eating lots of carbs, cook up some frozen broccoli and put it over large pieces of broccoli!! It was sooooooooo delicious!! Its also good on baked potatoes, if you do like the carbs :) :)

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melissa1277 September 30, 2013


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Mike McCartney September 26, 2013

A couple of notes for this. <br/><br/>First, Newer and older Crock Pot cook SO differently. I have 2. I can cook the same meal in both, and almost 3 hrs different in cooking time. Newer pots and MUCH hotter. So don't blame the time.<br/><br/>Second, it doesn't call for water, so DON'T add it. Crock pots don't need a lot of liquid.<br/><br/>Now, I tried this recipe twice, but failed to review; but saw this and it reminded me. I made it for me and then a friend - that I know loves these types of dishes. Not really my style, but I thought I would give it a try.<br/><br/>- I used boneless skinless; but, a mix of thighs and breasts<br/>- The first time, I made it as is ... it ok. Bland for me, not much flavor (but that is my tastes)<br/>- Time 2; I changed things a bit, but not the ingredients.<br/><br/>- I added a medium onion (not small), cut in half and thin sliced. Added to the bottom of the crock pot.<br/>- 1 garlic clove, minced<br/>- 2 tablespoons butter<br/>- Then added the chicken sprinkled with the seasoning. I used Good Seasons Garlic Salad Dressing Mix (in a dry packet)<br/>- Topped it with the soup and sliced mushrooms. DO NOT mix the mushrooms in.<br/><br/>Cooked 4 hours on low. Add the cream cheese cubed and mixed everything in. I also also suggest adding some white wine for a little flavor. Cooked another hour.<br/><br/>I didn't add the time this time because my friend didn't drink.<br/><br/>Done, and tender. I tossed in fresh parsley right before serving. <br/>Garnished with paprika for a little color.<br/><br/>I served over white rice; pasta would be ok too.<br/>-------------------------------<br/>Great idea; but, not my style and needed a few tweaks for my liking.<br/>But, we ate it all; it wasn't inedible at all - just not for me.

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SarasotaCook May 19, 2013

this was delicious! i used boneless chicken breasts to cut down on time and cooked them in a garlic & herb marinade (i didn't have the Italian mix on hand) with the butter. i also skipped the sauteed garlic and onions and just added a couple teaspoons of minced garlic. i would have LOVED to add mushrooms into the cream cheese/soup step but the hubby hates mushrooms. i served this with rice and broccoli.

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moonbaby1619 February 14, 2012

I made this on the stovetop. I browned the chicken, browned the onion and some additional mushrooms, then added the sauce ingredients and simmered the dish for one hour.It was excellent!

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Lorac June 24, 2011
Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken