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Fabulous! I added a cup of chopped celery (a standard for me), 1 clove of garlic, 1 T butter, and a couple of extra potatoes. Lovely, thick, rich and tasty!!

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Scouter Girl January 07, 2009

Restaurant quality! I used 3 cans of clams instead of 2 and was perfect!! Not sure why others have said it was salty. Even using all the clam juice I still had to add salt. Maybe the salt pork is saltier than bacon? The 2 T of cornstarch was better for me because it made it the perfect consistency. I also used half and half, not milk. I've done this in crock pot and stove top and it turned out better on stove top. I don't think things thicken up as well in the crock pot. GREAT clam chowder and so simple!

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natwatson December 31, 2013

Very good chowder! I added about half the salt and still found it a bit salty for my tastes so would add less next time. I used clam broth rather than water, so that may have been the reason for the saltiness.

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iris5555 December 12, 2009

Very good recipe.. although i added some bay leave and rosemary at the last hour of cooking in the crock pot. my kid cant get enough!

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arctic ninja April 13, 2009

I skipped the bacon and followed the rest of the recipe exactly (using the stove, not a crock pot). Was quite tasty. I mashed a few of the potatoes to thicken it up a bit. Could have used some more flavoring, but that's probably my fault for skipping the bacon.

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Andrew Mollmann December 30, 2008

We really liked this but thought it could have benefited from less liquid and more seasoning, I'm sure that's because we don't eat pork so there was no seasoning from the bacon/salt pork. The first time around I used red potatoes, 2 12 ounce cans of baby clams, and a half a can of cream of chicken soup at the end to try to thicken it up a bit. I'm making it again today and have cut out half-cup of water, am using russet potatoes, a dash of salt & pepper, and a dash or two of liquid smoke to help with the smokey flavor the bacon would have provided, if we had used it. By cutting the liquid I hope to get a thicker chowder. All-in-all this was a GREAT recipe. Thanks!

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T-Logan December 26, 2008

I did this stove top and found it a very good recipe. It was a last minute(almost) thing for supper. Everyone enjoyed it.

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martjc December 24, 2007

Excellent. I used an extra can of clams cause I'm crazy for clams - and I used non-fat half and half. My husband loved it. The entire pot was gone in two days and there's only the two of us. Wonderful!!

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NannyMarvel December 23, 2007

This was just so very, very good that I hugged myself and did a little dance when I tasted it. Like others, I did not drain the clams but just poured in the entire cans. I thought the bacon made it incredible, but my man thought he might prefer it without only because it's obviously no longer crisp. If he cooks this, he can make it that way, but as long as I'm the one cooking I'd absolutely add bacon at least to mine. Thank you so much for posting both crock pot and stove top versions. I intended to do crock pot, but I didn't get it ready in time, so I went with stove top. It's always a nice bonus to have super clear instructions and alternative methods without having to guess, especially since I'm still just learning to really cook and don't always do so well when left to my own guesses. I did add about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch (mixed first in the half and half or a little water) by the time all was said and done just because we like it a little thicker. It was still not super thick but also not very thin. I cannot wait to have leftovers tomorrow! Thank you for posting such a wonderful winner recipe.

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Maggie, Cooking December 08, 2007

Very easy recipe & very tasty. I did not drain the clams, used 3 large potatoes, 1 teaspoon sea salt & a whole pound of thick-sliced bacon. We like our chowder a little on the thicker side & it was pretty thin even with the max cornstarch. I would have just cooked it longer (without a lid) on the stove, but since I had it in the crockpot I stirred in a can of cream of chicken soup & then let it heat through while I warmed a loaf of sourdough bread. We were all really happy with the flavor. The color was on the tan side because of the chicken soup but the soup didn't detract from the clam/bacon flavor. Thanks for posting, we'll be making it again in the future.

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**Tinkerbell** November 11, 2007
Crock Pot Clam Chowder