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This is lovely. Really wonderful chutney. My kids and I had to go out of town unexpectedly and, since there was only one at home instead of the usual four, some food didn't get eaten. So I got home to find a bunch of peaches where none of them were perfect anymore. Since the kids have an issue with biting into one where there is a place, I needed something to do with them. I peeled them and sliced them and this worked well. I used a mix of golden and regular raisins and tiny pieces of crystalized ginger (both of those ingredients at slightly greater quantities than called for because I wanted to use them up). I also used splenda brown sugar (at half strength as called for) and white wheat flour. 5 hours later this was runny but tasty. Letting it sit for 10 minutes definitely set it up. I think this would be a great fall treat with frozen peaches and while we really enjoyed it on our skinless/boneless chicken breasts it would be especially good on a pork roast we think.

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ladypit August 03, 2007

This was fantastic. It really does smell great too. I also added a cubanelle pepper to give it a little more bite. Great on pork!

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moot0009 July 17, 2006

Oh my is this good! And the smell is heavenly. I used regular raisins instead of golden and frozen peaches. Soo easy to do in the crockpot! Now I have to figure out what to do with it - so many possibilities :-)

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flower7 March 01, 2005

Another great use for the crockpot!! Made it with canned peaches, cannot buy frozen here and there are no fresh ones at the moment. I did add one finely chopped chili pepper and 2 large crushed garlic cloves. At first I was afraid it would be too thin but the chutney thickened when it cooled. Served it last night to accompany grilled goats cheese wrapped in bacon and it was yummy!

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Pets'R'us January 02, 2005
Crock Pot Chutney