Crock Pot Chili Con Carne With Beans

Total Time
10hrs 20mins
20 mins
10 hrs

I just won "First Place" at a country fair with this recipe. The fresh tomatoes and chili peppers give it a fresh and pleasant taste.

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  1. Fry the bacon until it starts to brown, then put it into the crock pot.
  2. In the bacon drippings, brown the ground beef.
  3. Put the ground beef, beans, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, onions, chili powder (In Southern California we have a great variety available, but Gebhardt's would work), and the cayenne into the crock pot with the beef broth.
  4. Cut the stems off the fresh jalapenos and cut them in two or three chunks.
  5. place the peppers along with the garlic and whole fresh tomatoes into a food processor and puree the three ingredients.
  6. Put this into the crock pot, stir to mix and let it all cook for 10-12 hours on low or 5-6 hours on high.
  7. By making a puree out to of the peppers and garlic, you get a more evenly dispersed blend.
  8. I used the tomatoes to give some moisture to the puree.
  9. Serrano chilies are three times hotter than jalapenos so don't let their small size fool you.
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5 5

Almost as hot as the title claims, but with a rich flavor. Made a big hit at a recent picnic. This is a keeper.

5 5

The recipe wasn't hard to make, and the final product had a superb flavor. This chili is definitely not for sissies!

5 5

Man This chili is good. Just won 1st place in taste and 1st place in the hottest. Never before has thie happen in our contest. Thank you